Why did Black Panther and Storm Brake Up ?

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@krspaceT: Doesn't DC also get rid of its fictional marriages? I know they crapped on Superman's marriage to Lois Lane...

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your so rite!!! storm is one of the best. but he f*#k it up!!!

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They still love each other--he's seething and she's cutting all her hair off her head.

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@Video_Martian said:

@Squalleon said:

Because Marvel doesn't want its heroes to be happy!


This ;)

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Because He couldn't stand all the hate mail he received from all the ridiculous Storm fanboy mail

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Marvel messed up what could have been a great storyline. Would have loved to see it developed. Instead they made Shuri Black Panther and destroyed the marriage =FAIL

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old topic i know but new relevance consigning with another topic else where, but no really at the end of the day the X-Men fans are their own worst poison, look at notable forums like CBR and it's X-Men fan base and you'll see the general consensus about what people think whenever a X-Men decision is made. The moment Storm was announced to be married to a non x-men character, they literally hit the roof in outrage, their black goddess who they've for years wanted to be their symbol for LGBT whatever, was being hitched to another black character to form a joint universal connection between the growingly estranged X-Men and Greater Marvel universe, was doomed. They hated it from the start claiming all kinds of things, "He doesn't deserve her." "He's nothing compared to her." "There is no grounds for this relationship." "Storm should get with Wolverine." "Storm is bisexual she'd never agree to marry a single guy." you name it they said it, the X-Men fans, or the ones that consider themselves hardcore are toxic as are most self entitled fanbases, something doesn't fit their own personal narrative and immediately it's garbage. Doesn't matter that several stories already pointed to Storm and T'Challa being a couple in various futures, nope X-fans couldn't stand Storm the ideal of their..... well let's just say Storm's a pet character on various levels both satiate various cultural taboos whether accepted now or not (like weren't acceptable at the time of her creation.) and they weren't about to let her go. No Storm's reasoning for wanting a divorce did not make sense, nor is any claim that BP was a terrible husband true.

Also for the one person who said this stupid comment "It's because they were both African that they were married to each other." Then they should break up every same race marriage or relationship in all of marvel. Emma and Scott (it's kind of over now) broken up because they are both white, same for Reed and Sue, ect ect the only couple should be Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. lol

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They were poorly written.

I think most people will blame the writers.

If not, the wedding was a rush.

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I think it was because During the Avengers vs Xmen thing Storm found out that T'Challa had a contingency plan to take down everyone in the Xmen including her. So she got upset and took off her ring, I think this is what happened, am I wrong?

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