When will the interesting Black Panther return?

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I just read a couple of issues of BP Man Without Gear and I was extremely bored. I would wait until he got his B.P powers back and returned to the throne but I have read on other sites that he is permanently in Hells Kitchen now which would be semi-bad. 
Has it been stated anywhere that this is a temporary thing?

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Well if you take a look at clue #16 in this thread Future Marvel Storylines/Arcs, it appears as if BP will be returning to Wakanda in the near future. Unless, they are talking about a different king, but my money is on BP.

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As for right now, I'm riding with Black Panther because I want T'Challa's character to get better. BETTER WRITERS!!!!

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Well to be honest i have read few of his only comics where he had his powers so many i need to read a bit more of those to get into the character more...because hes not doing much atm in Hells Kitchen to attract my attention.

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Mmmmm....supposedly a new story arc will be beginning for Black Panther today and Daredevil Reborn is ending as well. I am hoping that Daredevil will return to his own series and Black Panther will return to Wakanda and resume his previous role.

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