What if Black Panther and Storm had kids?

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In the Black Panther 2008 Annual, T'Challa and Storm had five kids, two girls and three boys. The kids weren't really fleshed out for the most part, which is sad. So I thinking combining previously established children of Black Panther and Storm that float around the various alternate universes/realities to create a family and add one more daughter. The eldest, T'Chaka, named after his grandfather. Unlike his other siblings, he is not a mutant, but a regular human. I imagine him to be his father’s favorite, because they are the most alike. He will probably posses the mantel of Black Panther at some point. The eldest daughter Sh'ri (Exiles #6, 2009) and looks like a female version of her father. Trained from birth in hand to hand combatant as a princess of Wakanda. Takes after her Aunt (Shuri) in taking over of the Black Panther mantle. T'Wari, the White Lion, is my own creation. T’Wari and T’Chaka were in the Black Panther Annual (they were the only 2 kids named) so I just fleshed them out, and gave them back-stories. He looks like a male version of his mother (tall, lean, high cheek bones, long white locks that look like a lion’s mane), except he has a feral powers and a sonic roar. The two twin girls, Sky Panther, of Avengers Academy #12. She has her mother’s trademark white hair, worn in a Mohawk like her mom once did along with a black striped two piece body suit adorned with bones. Trained from birth in hand to hand combatant as a princess of Wakanda. Along with her mother’s weather control power. And Kymera of (Wolverine and the X-Men #36). Has enchanted sense of smell is an expert tracer is due to her ability to pick up any sense of the person she tracks. With Animal empathy Kymera can influence animal behaviors psionically. She accompanied by a giant black panther with glowing marks and a Falcon. Finally, the youngest child, Azari, is from the new Next Avengers movie on DVD. Azari inherited the abilities of Heart-shaped Herb from his father T'Challa. Azari also inherited the mutant power to control the electricity like his mother Storm.

Love to hear thoughts.

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I wouldn't say that the eldest son and Tchalla are the most alike. Because Tchalla is himself superhuman.

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@renny: They are in appearance and personality. What do you think of the rest of the siblings?

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