The Reason Some People Hate Black Panther

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@jhazzroucher said:

i actually like the cartoon series, especially that we get to see the x-men too. and the last part of the series was exciting.

Glad I am not the only one.

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@fodigg said:

@jhazzroucher said:

i actually like the cartoon series, especially that we get to see the x-men too. and the last part of the series was exciting.

Glad I am not the only one.

i really like it eventhough the animation is different, it was still worth watching. I like the Black panther intro music, i like the first part when a certain tribe are going to battle against the wakandans, i like how Juggernaut was drawn, i love the appearances of the x-men, i love how each villain had its own moments, i love the action, etc.

The parts which i kinda didn't like is it's too bloody and i believe children are not gonna be allowed to watch this cartoon series, fine fine on my part because i'm an adult. The reason why i don't like the bloody part, the killing, (and the young Storm and BP in the forest part) etc i because it's kinda too violent to watch and i really want this cartoon series to be popular to children too.

But i really like the cartoon series, from the start to the last and i hope there's a second season. : )

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I generally liked the BP series. It had a few problems - none of which couldn't have been solved with a bigger budget - but overall I think that it had all the right ingredient of an excellent series that really deserved better production values than it had.

I agree that the animation looked cheap, but I think the creators did great with the little they obviously had to work with. The character designs were very good, and I wasn't bothered by the choppiness of the motion-comic technique because it did fit the nicely sketchy visual style of the series. I think it had a cool and coherent visual look that was actually amplified rather than dragged down by the simplistic animation.

The soundtrack was great, too, as others have already said. I loved the theme song. If this series had been continued, they should have definitely capitalized on the great music they had by giving it even more prominent a role in the series.

One of the things I liked about the series was that it wasn't a kids' cartoon. It was clearly intended for older audiences (from teenagers to adults) because of the slightly violent content and the slightly racy references to things of sexual nature made it kind of unsuitable for children (not that anything about it was exploitative, or even particularly graphic). Personally, I'd really like to see more comic book cartoons not aimed mainly for children because, well, I'm an adult who likes animation. I think the BP series had the makings of an animated series that could have largely appealed to teens and young adults because of the cool characters, great music, the humor, and the story that I think had the potential to become more complex and more challenging, had the series been continued.

The only problems I had with the show was that the entire thing felt like a long pilot episode, meaning that it spent a lot of time introducing the character and the mythos of the Black Panther - which is important, of course, but I do think that it would have managed with less and focused more on the actual plot. I also felt like they were sometimes trying too hard to establish how cool and tough BP is and because of that it sometimes ended up having the reverse effect. Dude, it's the Black Panther. Of course he's more awesome than 99% of the population of the Marvel universe. You don't have to oversell the idea.

I don't think that the depiction of (fictional) Africans was racist, but I do think that it was rather clichéd and stereotypical, with the all the tribal gear and ignorantly generic accents. Then again, the general tone of the series was so humorously self-aware that I didn't take it too seriously.

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@Osiris1428 said:

@Nova`Prime` said:
" @Osiris1428 said:
" But asking the question why didn't they get involved while the rest of Africa is being raped is an understandable one, right? "
Maybe the Wakandans were the ones that were selling other Africans into slavery? "
I really couldn't see that in the character's depiction.@JonesDeini said:
" @Static Shock said:
" @JonesDeini: Some of the storylines in the book were suspect, though. The Black Panther annual is one of them (Wakanda eventually ruled the world in that issue, IIRC, with some black power mindset thing), and the storyline with the Skrulls on another planet (who were all shapeshifted into humans) was another. The bad guys were all White, while the rebels were all Black (and led by people like MLK and Malcolm X). It's as if Hudlin was using White people are scapegoats or something. He even has the Black Panther mock Latervian architecture, basically saying that they live like Keebler Elves in their old-style Germanic homes as a comparison to himself and where he lives.
I didn't even catch the racial undertones of all this until I went back and read certain issues again. Hudlin basically got away with way too much in this volume. LOL.
LMAO True, he did do some out there stuff, like I said heavy handed where eloquence was needed. And ironic that the man who was the driving force behind the worst thing to happen to black people since slavery, BET, wrote Black Panther... "
To tell you the truth, looking at this issue #10 of Priest's Marvel Knights run on Black Panther, Hudlin wrote it and it was mostly about Luke Cage as security for a rap star who was draw to resemble Puffy. It was actually an awesome issue that kind of dealt with how some of these knuckleheads think in current hip-hop culture, and how some Afro-Americans still view Africa. I really liked the issue.

afro-american hasnt been used since 1975...

Im mixed and have a view that few others do, and BP is a great character who just hant been given room to grow. Wakanda, honestly I think the whole premise of the country was flawed when stan lee wrote it. don't get me wrong i love stan, I just think having one country within a continent that is smart and advanced is just nonsensical. I mean if I said England had the only vibranium and didnt give it to the rest of europe there would be a wide out cry on why. Sure, in Africa it would be a war zone, but the same can easily, be said about europe in some parts more so that africa.

In short panther needs to have a sort of kryptonian background but with wakanda being occupied and the natives being imprisoned the twist? the invaders are the oh so resented other countries of africa, and instead of punch kick win, he should realize that only diplomacy can solve this issue, thus bring the marvel universes Africa forward, i mean a dream makes a reality, so who knows maybe marvel can actually bring us closer to making it real.

American Panther...right. next lets make American Britian...jesus, the one rep for africa just has to have an american counter part

BTW, if it was dc hed be black panther with a loyn cloth and a half cat mask, so lets be grateful for what we do get

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I like the cartoon series a lot.

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In Hudlin's defense he said he wanted to give the BP more street cred. It did not work out. People forget he is African not African American. I think he realized this when he wrote the deadliest of the species story arch. I also like the introduction to Shuri. I wish she got more exposure. I would be willing to give him another chance if he leaves out the unnecessary racial remarks and stays true to the character.  
P.S: Just because someone is a super villain their automatically racist? LOL  

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I was able to look past all of that and enjoy the comic. I will say it was ridiculous how it was so important how all the women want him, all the men want to be him... They had to make a point that he beat Captain America, and how, what I think was most insulting not just to white people but to married people in general was how Sue Richards was so in to him and disrespectful of her husband right in front of him. I've like Black Panther since I was a kid over 30 years ago. He doesn't need to be artificially pumped up. He just needs to be who he is and yea he should be helping out fellow Africans. I will also end this by saying that unless you have duel citizenship you are really just an American. If you want to claim Africa you should go back there. I don't claim to be Irish American or German American. I am simply an American. Get over the past and realize who you are now and be thankful to be here.

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The Reason Some People Hate Black Panther

Racism ??? I get mostly it from comments.... nonsense !!!

Truth... why people don't like him ???

He is based on more than 2 another heroes/superheroes... and i believe its the reason why someone don't like/hate him !!!

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lol! The comments in that article were more racist than Hudlin's run. Hudlin's run was not even racist. I don't know why some feel uncomfortable. Black Panther is a Black character and all Hudlin did was touch base on that further than any writer. If Hudlin's run was racist than Luke Cage Netflix series was racist too.

I bet Panther fans miss Hudlin with freaking Coates in charge. Only thing I didn't like from Coates run was that Wakanda/T'Challa was too Americanized, the art and the humor.

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I don't hate black panther, in fact I think he is a pretty badass character. however his fan base can be very off putting especially when they moan and groan about storm.

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@blessedbyhorus: I say Hudlin was more Americanized while Coates is far Africanized.

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