The Movie Ruined Black Panther's Conflict With Klaw

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I may not have been the biggest BP aficionado, but I for sure have read many stories with him. And in most of the stories I've read, Klaw was the central antagonist. Which makes perfect sense, considering his history with T'Challa and his father. And it really sucks that MCU did him so poorly. Not only did they made him half of what he should be (eradicating the whole dynamic between him being the murderer of T'Challa's father, etc), and not only did they made him sing "What Is Love" (badly, should I add), but he was merely a plot device for Killmonger to get on throne. It really gave me Iron Man 3 flashbacks. If you think about it, Klaw and Mandarin are both used as cheap plot devices by the actual main villains to achieve something that they seek. Granted, Killmonger is a better villain than the actual villain of Iron Man 3, and Black Panther is a better movie than Iron Man 3, but I'm still pissed.

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@zhangthong12: I agree I think having Klaw show up in part 2 is still possible. Remember they brought his body to Wakanda we have no idea if W'Kabi might have used some super science to bring him back to torture him. I do wonder who will be the main villain(s) for part 2. I know part 3 should and will probably be based on Doomwar.

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Comics Klaw is living energy. So he might come back as that.

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