The Black Panther and PIS

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@Umbraa said:
@Vance, here is the thing. I clearly said it was *part* of it, because it was. I have talked to Liss, Maberry and others about this. I have wrote Marvel for a long time about this, breaking it down and citing evidence. Just because you don't think so doesn't make it so. Marvel does listen to fans if they have and can make a sound argument. Example, the Marriage between Storm and T'challa. Brevoort has even said as much recently. Spider-Girl fans also proved it. So stop being dismissive about something you are clearly not aware or privy to make such statements. Again, it's pretty embarrassing that every review thread/review devolves into mindless accusations of "PIS", "He's Street level", he can't do that rather then the story.. etc...from Priest and Mcduffie who both got hate mail, to Hudlin being trashed because he had BP, one shot Karnak, even though Kirby also did it, Jason Aarons SI being blamed on Hudlin and dismissed, to Liss run were they finally saw it was a part of a bif issue. Hickman's interview saying we missed the boat was talking partly about that...Along with the other monarchs (Doom,Black Bolt, Namor, Thor) all being power houses...except the black monarch T'challa and Nation heroes like Captain Britain going from peak human to 90 to class...and T'challa getting priest tech being a issue with fans that causes hate mail...they decided to finally do it. Remember Maberry was going to as well. I asked him personally to do it, he agreed and saw the same things and noted it also in interviews. Priest noted it as well. I don't think Liss is garbage at all. So opinions differ..and it wasn't based just on Liss BUT EVERY FRAKING PANTHER WRITER. Again, this was just one aspect of it, not the total sum. They are aware of certain attitudes. This is pushing against the total sum of those views.
I think Marvel listens to fans when they have legitimate issues with the way something is being written, like when they feel that a character they like is being misrepresented by a certain writer. I have never once seen Marvel react to instances in their books being called PIS. I don't talk to writers, I don't care about them that much. I do however read comics and I am a member and mod of one of the largest comic book forums in the world. I see what's happening in comics right now and I see the type of stuff people discuss on these boards. I'm being dismissive because I don't think this has ANYTHING to do with PIS. I think its racially motivated, as McDuffie has pointed out himself. Whenever it comes to character like Black Panther, people are "hyper-realistic" about what he can and cannot do. In other words, if he wasn't black, PIS wouldn't matter.
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In his debut in Fantastic Four, Black Panther was a strategic gymnast with an extraordinary vertical jump (who admittedly with prep captured the Fantastic Four )not much more. He has since become the gold standard for PIS, add-ons, and hyperbole to get him over with readers.

The following is the add-on he has received over forty odd years so that his modus operandi is more reminiscent of a Predator than the mysterious king he once was:

-his suit cannot be cut unless arguably against the grain

-cannot be electrocuted as Vibranium is not conductive

-if he lands from 30 stories his soles absorbed the fall soundlessly

-he can stick to the sides of buildings and run up walls

-he can walk on water

-his suit can absorb and redirect hits from the Hulk and Namor and the momentum of objects

-can absorb and redirect lightning bolts

-cannot be shot as it is just absorbed

-his claws can cut through anything including Adamantium (it's Anti Metal)

-can see the Infrared spectrum with lenses and in the dark without them

-could overhead lift 750 lbs and vertically jump 20' and run 30 mph due to the Heart Shaped Herb

-can cast spells due to Wakandan magic

-Wakanda was later elaborated as being more than a utopia and more so a futuristically advanced nation supplying T'Challa with spaceships, hover cycles, laser guns etc

-his energy daggers can phase through anything all metal including Adamantium

-was reconned from competing in a tournament to determine a Black Panther, to having trained since birth all over the world ala Batman, Mastering all forms of combat for said tournament.

-A second armored suit can eject from his regular Vibranium suit that is reminiscent of Ironman

-can move through time and space with Wakanda's golden frogs

-Priest wrote him as the 8th smartest man on the planet, capable of coopting Richards tech such as gauntlets that allow TChalla to walk around space breathing unaided and not feeling the pressures of space.

-can restrain the likes of Silver Surfer with a simple armbar/chokehold

As if those add-ons weren't enough Hickman came along. During Shadowland Black Panther didn't possess the peak human attributes granted by the heart shaped herb. However when the Panther Goddess restored him and made him King of the Dead many marks and fan boys took this too mean ridiculous power levels despite Hickman later acknowledging it mostly as hyperbole. "Every Panther that has ever lived, their strength, their knowledge, is now yours!" Anyhow despite Marvel’s stance the fans insist as King of the Dead additionally he can:

-lift 60 tons. Snice yknow there has been a thousand years of BP lineage. Even though he has only been shown tearing a cyborg in half and fighting Namor, things he was capable of before KotD and Shadowland.

-1000 years fighting experience

-has superspeed the likes of Quicksilver explained as when he outran bullets

Now the recent add-ons that have been confirmed are:

-he can teleport due to the Panther Goddess

-create force fields

-has vents so he cannot be gassed despite Deadpool recently gassing him

-enchant objects, see magic

-can turn invisible or camouflage

-suit can technologically collapse over him or change into a suit and tie

-created his own Hulkbuster Panther armor

-is explained as not being limited by a no kill rule as he kills anyone who opposes him if he feels like it

All this from a character originally a strategic acrobat whose charm was that he looked a great deal like Batman. I think the iniative might be racially driven because Now he's basically Predator, Deathstroke, Mr. Terric II, Quicksilver, Serpentor, Reed Richards and Hawkman in one.

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