T'Challa's Next Love Interest

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#101 Posted by webbcity (113 posts) - - Show Bio
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#102 Posted by Cloakx14 (9136 posts) - - Show Bio
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#103 Posted by PassionFlower (969 posts) - - Show Bio

The needs/will have a pretty girl...

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#105 Posted by ComicKing7 (155 posts) - - Show Bio

@grenadeflow: they only acted that way because T'challa found out that Tigra was a spy that was working against them

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#106 Posted by BlackN17 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Although my ultimate favorite would be Sharon Carter, I think that Roz Solomon (introduced in Thor) would make a good love interest for Black Panther. I could see her (as a SHIELD agent) getting involved in some issue in Wakanda and ending up with there being a mutual attraction between the two.

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#107 Posted by Mutant God (3957 posts) - - Show Bio

Colleen Wing

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#108 Posted by Black_Claw (3375 posts) - - Show Bio

Wouldn't it be funny if they turned Monica Lynne into an inhuman and she got back together with T'challa?

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