Should T'Challa copyright Black Panther name?

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In FF #119, T'Challa says he prefers to be known as the Black Leopard so as to avoid confusion with the African American militant group known as the Black Panthers. After this group's dissolution he continued to use the name. With the re-emergence of the so-called New Black Panther Party(which has been condemned as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center), wouldn't be a good and sensible idea of he copyrighted the "Black Panther" name?- hey it wors for Coca Cola and the Hells Angel Motorcycle Club in real life!

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To late at this point. Since the group having already use of the name and characters like Kasper Cole as well using it and that American Panther thing..

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Surely he could sue for sole and clear title to the "Black Panther" title(maybe by hiring Matt Murdock or Jennifer Walters as his attorney)?


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