Marvel Unleashes Black Panther Merchandise Program

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We have a new Black Panther series coming. He's going to appear in Captain America: Civil War, and he will also be getting his own movie. It makes perfect sense for Marvel to take advantage of all this and give fans what they want--Black Panther merchandise.

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Marvel is rolling out a heroic new merchandising program inspired by Black Panther just in time for his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an all-new comic book written by esteemed author Ta-Nehisi Coates, and his 50th anniversary. The campaign will touch on all major categories including publishing, apparel, toys, collectibles, home goods, and more, offering both longtime T’Challa readers and new fans introduced to the character through Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War exciting ways to embrace this legendary Marvel Super Hero.

The licensing program features a wide range of products for kids and adults inspired by both the new Marvel comic book debuting April 6th and Black Panther’s first film appearance in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War in May. The products will feature standalone representations of the hero, as well as team-oriented sets inspired by the new film.

For consumers looking to wear their fandom, the impressive lineup includes bags from Fast Forward and Global Design Concepts and stylish apparel for men and women from Mad Engine, C-Life, Freeze, and Fifth Sun. Hasbro is debuting a toy line including action figures and role play items, and LEGO will be featuring the character in construction sets. For the first time, collectors will be able to add Black Panther to their Super Hero collections with Marvel Select figures and Marvel Minimates from Diamond Select and Mopeez plush, Dorbz vinyls, and POP! bobbleheads from Funko. The program is rounded out with additional product offerings including wall art from Artissimo and Pyramid, novelties from Monogram, and costumes for kids and adults from Rubies and Party City. Select product is in stores now, with more rolling out at retailers including Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Walgreen’s, Disney Store, Toys “R” Us, and specialty retailers this Spring and into 2016.

“With a new comic book and his first appearance in a Marvel film both occurring during his 50th anniversary year, excitement is already underway for Black Panther product,” said Paul Gitter, senior vice president, licensing, Marvel at Disney Consumer Products. “We are excited to debut this all-new lineup of offerings so fans can start showing off their love for the newest member of the Avengers team.”

Take a look at some of the upcoming items you can buy.

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The black T shirt is pretty cool.

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None of this applies to me but I'm glad it exists.

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I'll probably be getting most of this stuff

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I will buy alot of this. i love Black Panther.

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I would have been all over that black panther mask and claws when I was a kid, black panther was the first commission I ever got when I was like 7 years old at some small convention. Might have to pick up that tank top, glad black panther is getting some merch out there

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i will get the vinyl pop Black Panther.

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Marvel plushes are an amazing idea! Expand on that Marvel! I would pay top dollar for a Ms. Marvel one.

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I find this really cool I can't wait for his movie!!

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pretty cool

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Whenever they anounce his Hot Toys figure I'll be first in line.

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Im ready for his marvel legend figure to come out already !! I wouldnt mind a BP hat or t shirt.

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Black Panther minimate looks nice. Action figures and a figurine would be nice.

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