Ideas for a Black Panther video game?

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I would LOVE to have a Black Panther video game. It would be the perfect opportunity to create new Panther fans before the movie hits. And since video games exist in their own continuity, we could have Tchalla still be king of Wakanda, but have his KotD upgrades like his tech gloves, shields, and invisibility! With a power-set like Tchalla's, the possible gameplay mechanics could be amazing.

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I can see potential. Not sure how well it would do in the markets though.

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True. I'd buy it though.

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i would but it too.

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@son_of_tchalla: Currently would be the perfect time. If I were to Black Panther game I would take aspects of Assian Creed, Batman Arkham series,

Predator: Concrete Jungle(The good aspects),and XenoBlade Chronicicle.

For me I would to see the jungle of Wakanda but also their cities. Hell I would if they called it Black Panther battle for Wakanda.

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