how do you feel about black panthers new suit

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I personally love it somehow by magic my design was stolen from my brain and put in the comic book but I'm aware other people may have different oppinions and can someone tag people for me I don't know how and I feel lazy

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hello anyone

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What new suit?

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I like the glowing tribal like design and the more mystical element to it. Though I'm not big on the mask thing for some reason.

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I like it

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Nanotechnology? cool...

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I wasn't originally on board with the look but it grown on me now I like it, hope to see more tech added to it.

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#10 Posted by SCORPIO_CASSADINE (2132 posts) - - Show Bio

I LOVE IT! It's especially cool when the tribal lines suddenly appear out of nowhere to connote the power of Vibranium. It's simple, sleek and updated while essentially remaining the same.

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It's pretty badass. But then again, that's Tchallas creed.

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I really wish Coates would show other techaracters with it. Energy Daggers, Power Gloves, Energy Sheild?? SOMETHING so far he's left it pretty basic. Nothing but Energy Projection, WHICH IS COOOL, but he's not freaking Iron man. That melee side needs to be shown.

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