Does T'Challa kill often? I know he has no issues with killing.

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If I had to put Black Panther between Wolverine and Captain America, I would put him a little closer towards Wolverine in the morals department.

How often has he killed or threaten to?

I found it interesting that he was appointed the leader of the Avengers. It seems like everyone shrugs off the fact that Logan and BP have no issues with killing yet they give Frank Castle issues. Okay, I know that was a bad example because Frank is quite extreme.

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The majority of Marvel's heroes not named Spider-Man or Fantastic Four are generally fine with utilizing lethal force when necessary. I never understood Bendis' characterization of Cap in New Avengers, where he's reluctant to let Logan join the team because he's a "murderer." Cap literally just threw a bunch of terrorists off a train to their deaths in his own solo book like, a couple months before that New Avengers issue. There was a time when being an Avenger meant never using lethal force (Clint Barton was once a huge proponent of this, before Bendis made him go all Ronin), but in the modern Marvel U where many Avengers kill when necessary, I think that it's not that alarming that Black Panther was nominated to be chairperson of the team.

As for T'Challa's "morals," I would put him on a similar wavelength as Iron Man. He's a pragmatist at the end of the day. Killing is never his first option, but he'll use lethal force as a means of last resort. He's also willing to start off with lethal force in special circumstances: during war, e.g. when the Super-Skrulls invaded Wakanda during Secret Invasion. Or ritual combat, e.g. when he fought Killmonger for the title of Black Panther. Or villains who have hurt the Wakandan people and his family e.g. Klaw (multiple times), or Namor during Secret Wars.

TL;DR: I don't think T'Challa kills or threatens to kill on a regular basis, but he will if he has to/wants to. At the end of the day, he's the leader of a sovereign nation with its own cultural code of ethics, and he isn't bound by the laws of others.

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@slimj87d: I think it's a bit different. BP usually kills only in Wakanda where his word is law. Also, BP usually tries not to kill depending who the villain is first. For instance, if it's Klaw or Killmonger oh he will off them that very second. If it's anyone else he gives them warnings. Also, Frank had hurt innocent bystanders and has taking killings far to far. While T'Challa has never lost his cool only a few times. I think in comics I can think maybe 3 times in 20 years he went ape shit in a berseker rage his second fight with Kraven the Hunter (he's been fighting T'challa alot more than Spider-man has over the years), Klaw during the 90's when BP use be the protector of Brooklyn, and the time Man-Ape killed his future version of himself that was brain damaged. There might be more but those are only times I can think of. Now Shuri year his sister year she's pure full blown serial killer. Read her mini she said to Wolverine I enjoy killing how do you stop. He looked and was like beer helps not to lose yourself I think.

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