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why is reggie hudlin considered the worst writer for black panther ?  what did he do that make you hate him?
who is your favorite writer for black panther ? 
has anyone seen the black panther motion comics? did you like it or hate it why 
the reason i ask is because i'm still trying to understand the character  and because i find him interesting like spiderman, wolverine hulk, etc.    
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Christopher Priest wrote him the best, so far.  Jason Aaron did a good job with him during the Secret Invasion run, also. 
Reginald Hudlin didn't do bad, but he didn't do great, either. He has, however, improved during the Black Panther/Captain America mini-series.
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I really am enjoying reading the Priest run, but I found the one during Civil War boring.

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@darkcloakx: I liked Priest run though I found his Black Panther lacked a personality he was flat and not too personable. I enjoyed his portayal of Kasper Cole and his stint as the protagonist the most throughout that run.
I Enjoyed the Hudlin run and his integration of politics and interactions with the outside world. Execution of the Marriage of Storm to T'challa  was disappointing. Though his Black Panther vol.4 start before Maberry was an action packed tale with perfect pacing. Maberry did an ok job with his followup to hudlin and I loved the execution of doomwar and even it's ballsy ending. David Liss is doing a great street level take on the character though I find his interesting villains tend to lose depth at the end of his stories.
Hope that helps man!

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