Black Panther: The animated version from Avengers: EMH

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I've been keeping up with the series since its debut, and it seems as if Black Panther's character is pretty spot on, save for one small detail; the Heart-Shaped Herb only enhances his senses to superhuman levels, but there's no mention of it doing the same for his physical attributes. However, everything he's done so far seems to be reminiscent of Christopher Priest's version of Black Panther. In his first appearance on the show, his suit was already revealed to be a vibranium weave, and it has been able to absorb energy as well (primarily Wasp's bio-electric blasts). He also uses his energy daggers frequently as melee weapons and projectiles (and they even explode, too and can be combined to form an energy bo staff). The vibranium soles are present along with the suit, and on two occasions, he's used them to run along the sides of buildings. His claws, although not stated to be anti-metal vibranium, have shown to cut through other durable metals, nonetheless (Grim Reaper's scythe and one of Kang's giant robots). The lens within his mask have infrared vision, which was used to to see Stealth Iron Man's armor while it was camouflauged (the comic book version of Panther had natural infrared vision, however). There may be some other details I'm missing, but it's all good. At leat I can enjoy this version of Panther while Marvel Entertainment has absolutely no clue what to do with the comic book version at the moment.
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Yep. I just wish they would use him more.

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yep black panther is awesome on the show he 's one of my favorite characters besides hulk on the show 

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Black Panther on the show is one of the best because he always does the coolest stuff in the most agile way. Skill and stealth always win the battle in his case

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Black Panther must go back to Wakanda but I think someone is going to do that pretty soon. (just a feeling that I got)

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Avengers T'challa rocks! 
as pointed out he does and has the coolest moments on that show!

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Yeah Black Panther and Hawkeye are probably my favorites on the show probably because they are shown to be pretty powerful. I LMAO however at how weak they portray Iron Man, rewatch the show and see how many times he's in real danger or how weak his suit is at times.
Love the show and can't wait for Season 2

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@FearTheLiving: Yeah Tony is quite the joke in that show LOL

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