black panther shapeshifter?

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 i saw a girl on an episode of true blood that can shapeshift into a black panther. would it be cool if black panther could shapeshift into an actual black panther for a movie or in the comics  or show ? what do u think? 

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i personally would love to see that, it would be awesome. but i think for other people it'd kill the character for them.
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That would be awesome!
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What would the point be? He is far more deadly and functional as a human

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In the Marvel Mangaverse he could merge with his pet black panther in order to become a human/panther hybrid.

Earth-2301 Mangaverse
Earth-2301 Mangaverse
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I think black panther is good as he is although shape shifting would be kind of cool too if he wanted to get around on foot faster.

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@GT-Man said:
" That would be awesome! "
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I don't' know about full blown shape-shifter like Mystique.. but say he can turn into a Were-panther.. that would be pretty cool.. much like the Mangaverse from above.

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yeah a werepanther would be awesome! on true blood season 3 there's a hot girl that can shapeshift into a werepanther and i was shocked and surprised but i thought it was pretty cool. 

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no, just no.

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In ultimate avengers 2 t'challa and t'chaka both turned into werepanthers.

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That would be like giving Batman the ability to turn into Man-Bat...It would pretty much ruin the character. 

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how and why ? why the comparison to batman? black panther doesn't gives off fear nor is anyone afraid of him.

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@darkcloakx: i love transformations of any kind to be honest that is why u I love his new suit it kinda looks like symbiotic / transformation. I know in ultimates 2 comic black panther is fighting the white tiger god for it's so who knows what it to come. I was so happy and excited to see Batman in the hellbat armor which was forged by gods and the league it was a all powerful symbiotic suit that gave Batman the power to defeat new gods by himself such as darksied and his adopted son kaliban it was epic

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