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So this is my first forum post and I came up with this while rereading one of my old Black Panther comics. Now Black Panther is my favorite superhero and I really want Marvel to get it right. So hopefully T'Challa isn't making jokes every five minutes or something. Basically since there aren't any plans for anymore Iron Man movies (that we know of) and RDJ's contract ends after Infinity Wars Part 1 unless Marvel decides to extend it. So I was thinking in the Black Panther Movie they could use the real Mandarin and Klaue as the antagonist. From what I read and heard about the MCU's Mandarin, he reminds of Ra's al Ghul, from both Batman Begins and Arrow.

Klaue is an arms dealer and Mandarin is the head of the Ten Rings. I was picturing a Doomwar-type event but with the Mandarin obviously. Now if it's true than he was a warrior-king that has been alive since the middle ages or even beyond, and inspired generations of men. That sounds more like a villain for Black Panther than for Iron Man. Also I haven't seen All Hail the King, so that information could have been in it, since throughout the oneshot the real Mandarin was talked about.

So if the rumor of T'Chaka supposedly dying in the beginning of Civil War is false, which makes sense, then Klaue kills him like in the comics and eventually allies himself with the Mandarin who wants the vibranium in Wakanda, why? I haven't thought about that yet. So T'Challa assuming the role of king while having to deal with a war and possible guilt over his father's death seems interesting to me. Just something that I thought of in my free time.

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I really hope Marvel gets it right too. I'd like to see Tchalla's fan base grow and get him another ongoing.

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I always thought of Han as Marvels Ras I wouldn't .industry seeing a cooler interpretation of Mandarin used in Black Panther though.

I really hope the comedy is kept subtle I don't mind humor but I don't think every movie should have that tone.

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@renny said:

I really hope Marvel gets it right too. I'd like to see Tchalla's fan base grow and get him another ongoing.

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