Black Panther (2016) #1 *spoilers*

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There's a lot going on in Ta-Nehisi Coates' debut issue, which deals with rising internal strife in Wakanda seemingly masterminded by a shadowy figure (Malice?)

The use of color is appealing, as are the new takes on Wakandan technology and apparel. Need to make another run through later to access the writing, but as a first issue it's a lot of setup and exposition.

Perhaps most interestingly, the issue ends with a shot of a certain character in a tank after an attempt at resurrection. It was exciting for this reader, who was devastated to find out that the character had died previously. Here's hoping that a future attempt at resurrection (with the help of Galactus? for Ultimates readers) is successful.

(Just gonna sit here waiting for issue #2)

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enjoyed black panther #1

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I didn't, it was really good imo.

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