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  By The Angry Comic Book Critic 
     Okay I'm interrupting my Silver Age Classic review series to bring you all this special bulletin. I THE ANGRY COMIC BOOK CRITIC WAS WRONG!!!! I can admit it I was highly skeptical of the Black Panther taking over Daredevil's title but after reading this issue today I'm proud to say I was wrong this comic is flat out awesome start to which I hope will be a great stint in the Daredevil comic series. Now I still feel that Elektra would have been a better choice to helm the book now that Daredevil is taking some time off but after seeing the Black Panther in action I can safely say that this book hasn't taken the decent into shit that I feared it would now that DD's gone. Well enough of all that time to review the comic that's hotter then hell Daredev....I mean Black Panther the man without fear #513....this is going to take some getting used to. 
      Well are story starts off in the way you would have expected the Black Panther kicking criminal ass in an attempt to hunt down Hell's kitchen's newest crime lord Vlad the Impaler and no I'm not talking about Dracula even though both of those weirdo's are from Romania and dress in a metro sexual fashion why is it every bad guy from that country no matter how cool always dresses like the creep you see on the subway at 3 in the morning you know I think his name is Tommy Wiseu but I'm getting off track here. So Black Panther fights his way through the rest of Vlad's gang till he comes face to face with the Impaler's son who tells him he found this place because Vlad wanted him too...yeah that's what they all say Ahhhh...BULLSHIT!!! So after narrowly escaping some gunfire we cut to a series of flashbacks of how all of this went down the first has Matt Murdock telling BP that while he's gone he'll need to have him take care of the Kitchen for him to which he agrees he sure that Daredevil didn't just want him to apartment sit? So after that meeting DD has Foggy set up the Black Panther with a new identity, an apartment, a job and some immigration papers...damn this guy's better than witness protection. So after BP gets the lay of the land he begins to fight crime in the area which has spiked since DD left and unlike Daredevil the criminals say they don't fear the Black Panther which is strange considering everyone he came across was shitting in their pants. But I haven't told you about Vlad really have I well long story short he was experimented on as a child by the Romanian Government to make him a super soldier like captian america to which they succeeded at except with one tiny difference Vlad has powers to warp matter to a small degree the book ends with the end of the fight at the beginning of the book and Black Panther finding out more about Vlad from his son. 
      Now my hat goes off to the writer of this book because he didn't just show the Black Panther's perspective but Vlad's as well which gave me a deeper understanding of him as a character so again I say props. Let's move on to the artwork now at first glance the artwork isn't all that special but it grows on you and it suites the new style of the book so all in all not to bad. I'm the Angry Comic Book Critic and this bad boy gets the stamp of approval. 
Black Panther The Man Without Fear #513

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