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    why do i think thats the ThunderCats logo on the cover? love how reposed the title is though. this is the conclusion folks! battles are won, with tables turned and blackmail machines destroyed! everything came together in a pretty sound fashion, and the conflicts were trimmed down in a swift manner. Torch only had a few panels, perhaps cause he and Ben didnt have time for their back-and-forth jabs at each other. although Storm was separated from the others, she manages to back their plays as only a queen might know how. ive read that she'd been ponied off unfairly to a more minuscule role, apart from the X-Men. but its not as if she doesnt show over in Utopia often enough now, and that she doesnt show her mettle in arcs like this one. Thing revisits the first lesson he handed down here before. what poor circumstance doomed this planet to repeat its mistakes though? the answer lies in the resistance movement that assists Storm on her way to rejoin with her king. these are the folks the recent(now former)FF leave the remains in the hands of. hopefully for better..and theres threads left open that might suggest otherwise. very solid read, purely righteous end to the arc.

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