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Several weeks ago some of the denizens of the Negative Zone are in an uproar over the "invaders" coming to their land. As they rally to speak about it, a big ship lands (apparently crushing some of them) as workers prepare to get the prison built on schedule.

In the present, Black Panther and Storm look over the wreckage of the Wakandian Embassy after the Civil War. Storm asks if they will return to Wakanda now that they do not have a place to stay. Black Panther replies that they must deal with Washington D.C. and work with the U.N. He calls forth a ship that he had stored in the bay.

Maria Hill inside a S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier detects their ship and asks Tony Stark why she cannot shoot down his ship for being in their airspace. Stark mentions it's partially their fault that the embassy was destroyed. Maria says she'll give them 24 hours to leave. Stark reminds her that it's her job to know about ships being stashed around in various places. That shuts her up.

Some weeks ago, back in the Negative Zone, a battle is taking place between two aliens. As one kills the other, he proclaims, "Behold your champion!"

T'Challa has a video conference with his officials in Wakanda. He is being questioned when he will return and about his position in seeking help from the U.N. T'Challa reminds them that he is the King and can easily have them relieved of their postion. He mentions his blueprints for the new embassy with some modifications. It will take some time to construct so there is still the question as to where he, Storm, and their support staff will stay.

At the United Nations, Storm becomes frustrated in trying to deal with the foreign delegation. T'Challa says they have dinner plans that should get her mind off of things. The dinner is with Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four. They are planning on taking some time away from the team to work on their relationship. Reed offers the use of the Baxter Building for the embassy and their positions in the Fantastic Four to help keep an eye on the Thing and Human Torch. They quickly accept.

In Wakanda, Brother Voodoo is seeking a cannibal that devours the souls of innocents. He has the ability to take possession of their bodies. He is asked whether he will be willing to kill an innocent in order to stop the cannibal. At the palace, it seems the American battle ships are moving closer to Wakanda. In the room of T'Challa's sister, one of her men says that she needs to take charge since the King is half a world away. She protests that it is not the way the protocals work.

The newly formed Fantastic Four prepare to head out for an emergency that Black Panther discovered. As they leave, in the Negative Zone, a revolt is taking place at the prison. The guards are becoming overrun. The alien champion makes it through a portal and finds himself inside the Baxter Building.


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     This review and other can be found on my blog>   Summary BP and Storm are left without a place to stay in the after the wakandan embassy was destroyed by Ragnaroc last issue. They instead stay aboard a ship that Tchalla had stashed away. They have dinner with Reed and Sue who offer their Baxter building as a temporary embassy and base of operations as well as giving them their places on the Fantastic four while they take a leave of absence to ...

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Skip this and get Fantastic Four #544 0

Black Panther has been very hit or miss for me. There's nothing really wrong with it this month, but there's isn't much to write home about either.While Fantastic Four is on it's 2nd issue with Black Panther and Storm on the team... this issue of Black Panther is actually about how T'Challa and Ororo got to that point. Half the issue is about that... and the major problem is that it's not interesting... not at all. Last month it took one panel in Fantastic Four #543 to give us the same informati...

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