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Black Panther works with Photon to crack the technology to get into Iron Man's Negative Zone Prison, 42.

At the Baxter Building, Storm meets with Mr. Fantastic to discuss Black Panther's position on the Registration. Storm mentions that a head of state of another country shouldn't comment on U.S. domestic policy. Reed tries making implications that in Wakanda, they are already monitoring meta-human abilities with the free health care program. He also tries to push the idea that young powered individuals need guidance just as Xavier tried doing. Storm doesn't give in to his bating.

At Ryker's Island, at one of the gateways for the Negative Zone prison, Captain America and his team make their move. At the same time, Black Panther tells the Wakandan Embassy to evacuate. Soon, the heroes are teleported over New York courtesy of Cloak (after the beginning of the fight not seen here).

As the battle wages on, the Thor clone and Storm both arrive. The clone tries fighting but mostly causes damage to the embassy and its surroundings. Storm is determined to show the clone that it is not a true wielder of the elements. Eventually Hercules arrives and offers his assistance. Off panel, he destroys the clone.

The battle seems to have calmed down some. Black Panther finds Storm to tell her that Captain America has surrendered.


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     This review and other can be found on my blog>  Summary Storm meets with Reed while Panther and the rebels plan their next move. Shield attacks the wakandan embassy and the rebels save them. Fight ensues between both sides Ragnaroc shows up and him and storm duel and sue helps her. The wakandan embassy is destroyed. Hercules off panel then deals with ragnaroc and then everyone realizes Cap has surrendered making the conflict moot. The Good The s...

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