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whats right



Panther and storm visit the grave of Black Goliath and speak with his family. All this is covered by the press. They fly back to wakanda where Panthers advisers object to his interference with the happening in . Storm wants him to remain in wakanda but he wants to do what he thinks is right.

Once they return Stark has his people monitor the wakandan embassy and Black widow tracks panther. She gets taken out by his Dora while Panther meets with Cap to supply him with tech

Tony makes plans to get ragnaroc online after he killed Black Goliath incase Panther and storm join with Cap and rally the mutants to their cause.


The Good

This is the first time in Hudlin’s run Xenophobia starts to pop up in Wakanda. While Panther is busy gallivanting the Desturi are infiltrating his ranks and he’s too stupid to realize. It was great how well placed the story was into the civil war tapestry. The story fit in and filled out a much needed patch. I also realized Stark, Doom and challa all have major egos which lead their downfall.

The Bad

Terrible art, some panels worked but they were far and few between.....

The Ugly

3/5 stars


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