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Last Second of Life - After a Matthew Crane's business partner shows fear for the first time on his death bed, he becomes obsessed with knowing what his partner saw in his last moments. Crane seeks out people near death, offering to cover their medical expenses, so that he can try to find out what it is that a person sees before dying. When he finally gets his wish, he is left screaming a terrible never ending scream and lock in an asylum.

The Woman in the Mirror - Sally Kendrick finds a bargain on a mysterious and beautiful mirror. When the antique dealer selling it tries to tell her the history behind the mirror it only increases her desire to possess it. Over the next few nights, Sally begins to notice something odd about her reflection in the mirror. It seems to have its own expressions. One night the reflection calls to Sally and draws her into the mirror, taking her place and living her life. Finally Sally manages to lure the evil mirror reflection back in, returning to the normal world and destroying the mirror.

His Father's Footsteps! - Gustave Werner, an executioner, receives word that his wife, Hilda, has borne him a son just after finishing his most recent hanging. Gustave and his wife determine that it would be best if she leaves with the child, to spare him from ever following in his father's footsteps. As the child grows though, he shows signs of a natural aptitude to his father's grisly occupation. Years later Gustave is called to speak with the governor. Knowing that Gustave is getting too old to continue his career, the governor says the he would like to have his son take his place. Gustave threatens the governors life if he ever seeks out his son. Ignoring the threat, the governor sends the police to find the boy, who turns out to be a natural for the job. Eventually Gustave makes good on his threat to the governor,and is sentenced to death. He is hung in the end, by his son who has taken his place.







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