Black Mace

    Character » Black Mace appears in 19 issues.

    Black Mace is a foe of Karate Kid and the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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    In the latter half of the 30th Century, an enforcer named Black Mace began to turn up more frequently in the reports of the Science Police based in the Asteroid Archipeligo. Although they could not determine his origins, Black Mace was achieving a significant reputation as muscle for hire.

    As his reputation spread, Black Mace's activities followed. He first appeared on Earth when he was hired to steal some industrial secrets from R.J.Brande, the benefactor of the Legion of Super Heroes. This led to his first encounter with members of the Legion, and although they captured him, he escaped from the custody of the Science Police before being incarcerated, and he continued his criminal career.

    Black Mace had great strength and could challenge any Legionnaire in hand to hand combat except Superboy, Mon-El or Supergirl. He also had amazing agility that enabled him to perform quick and complex movements in the course of battle.

    Over the next few years he committed more crimes and was occasionally captured by the police or members of the Legion and he was briefly imprisoned on Takron Galtos, the prison planet.

    More recently, Black Mace joined Superboy Prime's Legion of Super-Villains to fight the Legions of three different worlds and fought members of the Legion Academy.


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