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Biologist and the direct descendant of Sir Percy, Nathan Garrett found his ancestor's tomb along with the Ebony Blade. Even though he is the descendant of Sir Percy, he was unworthy of wielding the ebony blade. Garrett left and devised an arsenal of medieval weapons and had genetic engineers create a winged horse named Aragorn.


Black Knight (Nathan Garrett) was created by Stan Lee and first appeared in Tales of Suspense issue 52 (1964).

Major Story Arcs

Versus the Heroes

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After running in with Giant-Man, he joined the Masters Of Evil. With Baron Heinrich Zemo and the other Masters of Evil, they tried to defeat the Avengers and hold New York. They failed and tried to defeat the Avengers again, but they failed again.


Garrett became more focused on defeating Iron Man, but was mortally wounded fighting him. As Nathan was dying, he revealed his identity to Dane Whitman and told him to use the technology for good instead of evil.

Other Versions

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  • Black Knight appeared in the comic spin-off of The Avengers: United They Stand. This version of the character was a British criminal for hire who stole a rare device from A.I.M. with the intention of selling it to Latveria. He was locked up along with the other Avengers but later helped them escape, only to be turned over to the U.S. authorities.

In Other Media


Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Black Knight in the animated series
Black Knight in the animated series

Black Knight appeared as a recurring villain, voiced by Alistair Abell. This version of the character is a member of the Maggia and the personal enforcer of Count Nefaria. He later tries to assassinate Black Panther, but is defeated.

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