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Though only 13 Kit Weston is, along with his mother and father, a circus aerialist, together they are known as The Flying Westons.

During one of their performances the tent they are in is set afire by a criminal known as The Fire Bug, while the audience is able to escape, Kit and his parents are separated and trapped high above the ground on two different trapeze platforms.

Linda Turning who had been taking in the show changes into her Black Cat costume and is able to say young Kit, his parents however fall to their deaths.

Linda agreeing to shelter the boy until other relatives can be found, later to cheer him up she appears again as the Black Cat and takes him with her as she trails The Fire Bug, with his aid the arsonist is captured.

Later while Linda and her friend Tim find they are unable to find any other living relations of Kits he is busy foiling a burglar that has broken into Linda’s home.

Impressed by the skill he displays in doing this Linda reveals that she is The Black Cat and offers to take him on as a partner in fighting crime.

Given a costume of his own he becomes Robin the bo… sorry wrong comic… he becomes the Black Kitten.

However he is only in two adventure before Black Cat Comics becomes Black Cat Mystery and switched to all horror.

Considering the Black Kittens costume, for his sake that’s probably for the best.

Some about boy acrobats with dead parents


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