Black Jack

    Character » Black Jack appears in 262 issues.

    Black Jack is one of Osamu Tezuka's most famous characters. He is a shady and unlicensed doctor with unmatched skill that offers his services for outrageous sums.

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    He was thought to be dead as child after an accident which critically damaged almost all his organs. He was cured Doctor Jotaro Honoma who operated on him. he dedicated at becoming a doctor. After he was healed he walked from Hiroshima to Osaka which is 205.9 miles (331.36393 kilometers). Personality


    Although extorts high prices for operating or calling for his assistance he does take IOUs, find alternative ways for payment, or no payment from people who cannot afford his services. He will not abandon an operation in progress no matter what. Doctor Honoma said to be the only person that he respects. He can be from cold to caring given to the situation. He performs situations analytically


    He is an expert in may forms operation including brain surgery. He is able to analyze mentality of someone or something and has astute deductive solving in many situations. He is able to fight hand to hand, able throw a scaple well and does wield a gun


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