Black Jack

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    "Beware the Black Jack!"

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    While playing his favorite card games at police headquarters, Detective Jonathan “Jack” Jones is pulled away to interview a wounded hoodlum about his gang.   With his dying words, the gangster relates that they are hiding out at the old .   Jones heads out to investigate and ends up being captured.

    The head hoodlum, “Lucky” Lavitto, has Jones walled up inside a small room with no air.   As luck would have it, Jones is sealed up with a Jack of Spades playing card that he manages to work through the concrete enough to allow air into the space to survive.   The homeowner, Mr. Larson, returns and discovers the fresh concrete and the playing card on the floor.  Not being part of the gang, Mr. Larson frees Jones from his predicament and suggests to Jack that he let the criminals believe he has died and adopt a vengeful new identity of Black Jack.

    Although he keeps in himself in shape, Black Jack has no powers to date. His calling card is the black jack. Two of his most noted villains were Poker Face and Black Seven
    After becoming the premier superhero of Las Vegas, we find out that Black Jack was connected to the Web. Black Jack's association to the Web remains a mystery. Though the connection likely stems from Black Jack working with The Fly's grandfather Jason Troy Sr. as part of the Web in the "old days".   

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