Black Jack

    Character » Black Jack appears in 16 issues.

    Agent of the mysterious organization N.E.M.O.

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    The second person to use the alias Black Jack. The first was a man in the Golden Age

    Current Events

    Black Jack is currently serving as Black Manta's second in command in N.E.M.O..


    Black Jack was created by writer Dan Abnett and penciler Scot Eaton in Aquaman #2

    Major Story Arcs

    The Drowning

    Black Jack freed Black Manta after he was defeated by Aquaman, under Fisher King's commands and later brought him to Antarctica to N.E.M.O.'s headquarters to meet with him. After Black Manta seized control of the organization, she joined Manta as his second in command and is currently involved in a plan to defeat Aquaman and Atlantis, before they can determine and stop N.E.M.O.'s agenda.

    Powers & Abilities

    Black Jack does not possess any superhuman powers, but is N.E.M.O.'s second in command and a capable field agent. She wears a characteristic black costume with a red visor covering her left eye.


    Second in command of N.E.M.O.


    She is a trained field agent and capable shooter with her hand gun.


    Hand Gun

    She carries a hand gun

    Access to Great Wealth

    She has access to N.E.M.O.'s great wealth and resources

    Advanced Technology

    N.E.M.O. possesses highly advanced technology like their Albatross Stealth Planes, which Black Jack has access to.


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