Black Hood

    Character » Black Hood appears in 37 issues.

    According to legend, the Hood had been placed under a spell by a sorcerer just before he was executed by decapitation: "Whosoever wears the Hood, be they compelled: Do only good!" Over the years, the Hood was passed from person to person.

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    Wayne Sidmondson:

        He was a good man with a strong moral sense, who owned one of the first McBonnie Burger franchises.  Unfortunately, since its opening, the restaurant has been held up on the average of once a year.  After years of watching armed robbers escape the justice system with little more than a slap on the wrist, he became unusually preoccupied with the punishment of the guilty and obsessed with the dispensation of justice.  As time went on, Sidmondson began collecting weapons and instruments of torture and execution.  One day, he brought home an authentic executioner's hood from the Middle Ages, a hood with a strange curse that seemed to work it's magic on him.  He then gathered many of his hand weapons, put the rest of his money into an expensive costume and gadgets, and began fighting crime as The Black Hood.   

    Giles "Hit" Coffee:

        He is the chief henchman for the Seaside City's mob boss, Patriarch.  Coffee, who has served the mob since his teens, picked up his unusual nickname years ago as a numbers runner.  Coffee first witnessed the power of the Hood when its then-owner Wayne Sidmondson, attacked him and his men during one of Pirate Blue's periodic visits to Seaside City.  Suddenly in the wrong place at the wrong time, Coffee ended up taking his first life by shooting Sidmondson dead.  Coffee found himself off the fast track with the Patriarch.  Soon afterward, he stumbled into the possession of the Hood and decided to use it to make himself Seaside City's next Patriarch.

        Coffee never counted on the Hood's sorcerus curse -the power that limits its wearer to "do only good."  To some degree, that curse has served Coffee well, since the Hood has allowed him to take action to set himself up as a mob boss, apparently judging his actions and goals to be the lesser of two evils when compared to those of the Patriarch.  On the other hand, the Hood will not allow Coffee to engage in any acts that would intentionally harm innocents, which irritates him to no end.
    Nathan Cray:

        He is a high school student who witnessed Coffee shoot Sidmondson dead.  Nate donned the Hood and took Sidmondson's weapons in order to save his friend from the mob.  Nate found himself possessed of the power of the hood, moving quickly and with more confidence than he'd imagined possible.  Since then, Nate has chosen to accept the responsibility of the Hood and has used it in combat against other menaces that threatened his friends, family, and the people of Seaside City.



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