Black Hole

    Character » Black Hole appears in 11 issues.

    An enemy of She-Hulk who has the ability to form a black hole in his chest.

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    While playing handball in Brooklyn,  a single grain of dwarf star matter fell from space embedding itself into  Morton Kribbee's breastbone. This single singularity endowed Morton with a power that even he thinks is gross. The dense dwarf star matter allows him to open a black hole in the middle of his chest that draws in and compresses matter until such time as Morton deems fit to close it.  It also generates a singularity field which disables superhuman abilities.  He took the codename Black Hole and joined the Band of the Bland, under the leadership of Doctor Angst.
    Given a power upgrade by Angst, Black Hole was able to absorb larger and more powerful objects.  He attempted to suck in the Hulk, but it failed when Howard the Duck's girlfriend Beverly Switzler forced the Black Hole to suck himself in.  He eventually freed himself and was taken to prison.


    Black Hole was created by Steve Gerber and Sal Buscema in 1976 and first appeared in Marvel Treasury Edition # 12. 

    Story Arcs

    After his imprisonment, Black Hole left the Band of the Bland to become a circus performer, though he was unsuccessful in gathering an audience.  He was again approached by Doctor Angst, who plotted to destroy reality and create his own world.  He was able to merge all universes into one "Cosmic Squish".  However, She-Hulk put an end to his scheme and used Black Hole to suck in the stray universes.  Black Hole became bloated and was kept prisoner by the Critic, an offshoot of the Watchers.

    Since his defeat at the hands of the She-Hulk during the Cosmic Squish, the Black Hole has reprised in Marvel comics  by way of brief cameo appearances, thus making him one of the most prolific members of The Band of the Bland.

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