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    An aging cat burglar who is always on the look-out for that one last big job that will enable him to retire on the French Riviera.

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    Raul Chalmers, a.k.a. the Black Fox, is a master thief with an international career spanning decades. By the time Spider-Man first met him, Chalmers was in his sixties. He is always looking for the heists that would allow him to retire in luxury. However, he has the bad lack of getting in the ways of superbeings and winds up clearly in way over his head. His most famous misadventure was stealing the Trask Diamond from Doctor Doom, resulting in the Latverian ruler hunting him down.


    Black Fox was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz in 1984 and first appeared in 1984's The Amazing Spider-Man #255.

    Character Evolution

    Spider-Man has been forced to protect the Black Fox on several occasions, feeling sorry for the aging criminal. A number of stories had him struggling with the idea of fighting against the old man. Chalmers has faked health conditions on several occasions to have Spider-Man underestimate him or allow him to escape. Actually the old man seems to be in perfect health.

    Another Black Fox was a member of the First Line. Dr. Robert William Paine was a former secret agent in WWII who became a costumed crimefighter. His plane was the Flying Fox, and his headquarters was called the Foxhole.

    Major Story Arcs

    Even a Ghost Can Fear the Night!

    Black Fox is forced to acquire funds with the Super-Apes.
    Black Fox is forced to acquire funds with the Super-Apes.

    Black Fox broke into an apartment in New York City and was about to steal an exquisite vase when it shape-shifted into a baboon. Black Fox was startled by Igor and the rest of the Super-Apes. The orangutan, Peotor used his magnetic abilities to push him into the arms of Mikhlo the gorilla. The Red Ghost phased through the floor and they took Black Fox to their hideaway. Black Fox was set up by the Red Ghost because his services were needed to acquire funds for his cosmicizer device. Red Ghost had his Super-Apes accompany Black Fox so he would not dare escape. Black Fox and the Super-Apes broke into a jewelery store when they came across the police. Black Fox seized the opportunity to escape and threw a flash grenade at the Super-Apes and fled. Black Fox did not get very far and was cornered by the Super-Apes. Spider-Man saw the commotion and fought off the Super-Apes. Black Fox saw a bag of jewelery left behind in the alley and ran off with it while Spider-Man was occupied.

    The Irredeemable Ant-Man

    Black Fox and Ant-Man first met during the fight between the then newly formed Mighty Avengers and the Mole Man. Black Fox used the fight to loot a jewelry shop. He was stopped by Ant-Man, Eric O'Grady, who took the stolen goods and sold them. Later an angry Black Fox entered Eric's apartment at night and threatened Eric. Ant-Man helped Black Fox to regain the stolen jewelry from the pawnshop. Black Fox then gave Eric 20% of the stolen goods. The two became friends and liked to play Nintendo Wii together. Black Fox later stole the Wii console.

    When Eric was arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. for stealing the Ant-Man suit the Black Fox entered the Helicarrier to help him. Black Fox was arrested however because Eric double-crossed him. Later Eric visited Black Fox and told him that he forgave him and that he could keep the Wii console.

    Powers & Abilities

    Black Fox has always been a highly skilled and trained athlete. His athletic skills have somewhat diminished with age, though he remains astonishingly strong and agile for a normal human. "He can still swing on lines from one rooftop to another and scale the side of building in the fashion of a human fly." He tends to avoid violence and has surprisingly little experience in unarmed combat.

    His pack contains his equipment for burglaries, including smoke grenades and flash grenades to blind opponents, strong ropes for swinging from buildings, a custom-made glass cutter, and a sophisticated electronic device which allows him to neutralize most detection systems.


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