Black Fog

    Character » Black Fog appears in 25 issues.

    A Legend of Terror and Might in India, Black Fog was transformed into a biologically enhanced machine of pain and misery at the hands of the villainess Zero/One. He is responsible for the deaths of several LMDs that where connected to Red Hulk.

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    Brief History

    Black Fog was a serial killer who terrorized India, responsible for the murder of several families, and effectively causing fear to spread all over the country like a plague. He was eventually captured, imprisoned, and punished for years, losing several limbs to the torture he received from vengeful victims' families. However, due to stories she mistook as being real programming that she had witnessed and heard about as a human child,


    managed to track him down, free him, and recruited him to hunt and kill the

    Red Hulk

    .In the process of making him her ultimate weapon, she horrifically brutalized him, going so far as to cut open his skull and implant nano-bot technology into his brain, rendering him her mindless servant.

     Black Fog killing an LMD with his trademark sabers
    Black Fog killing an LMD with his trademark sabers

    Due to Zero/One's computerized mind, she was unable to distinguish myth from fact when it came to the stories of Black Fog. To her, data was data. Whether Black Fog had any superhuman abilities before he was imprisoned is largely uncertain, but after being either rebuilt (or perhaps simply upgraded) by Zero/One, he appears to have access to the abilities that Zero/One said he was rumored to have: namely a healing factor, the inability to be harmed by any weapon, the ability to "travel" via fog, and tracking capabilities that allow him to find anyone. In effect, Zero/One made the myth of Black Fog a terrifying reality.

    The last time Black Fog was seen was in the last battle Red Hulk had with Zero/One. During the fight, Machine Man was able to disable the control Zero/One had on her nanobots, effectively freeing Black Fog from her control. The enraged assassin threatened to kill her, but decided not to since she had helped him escape his prison. Now his mind free with control over his upgraded implants, the killer teleported away.

    He is currently somewhere in India, attacking people at random intervals, possibly for revenge over his incarceration.

    The Nursery Rhyme

    The adults of India have nursery rhyme about the Black Fog to scare children.

    Black Fog, Black Fog!

    Can you feel that chill?

    He comes in the night,

    Appearing at will!

    Moving in for the kill.

    If his snakes don't get you,

    His sword surely will!


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