Black Flame

    Character » Black Flame appears in 9 issues.

    A Kryptonian from Kandor, Zora Vi-Lar was once one of Supergirl's enemies and once imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. Later though, she reformed and went home to live in the bottled city of Kandor, giving up her former life of crime.

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    Zora Vi-Lar was born in the Kryptonian city of Kandor. As an adult, Zora turned towards a life of crime, and took on the masked identity of Black Flame. She became a foe of Supergirl who ultimately defeated her, rendering her powerless through the use of Gold Kryptonite.

    Zora was imprisoned inside of the Phantom Zone, but later returned to Kandor where she reformed. Upon meeting Supergirl again, she expressed her regret at her prior actions before returning to the bottle city to lead a crime-free life.

    note: Mister Mxyzptlk once took on the form of Black Flame in an attempt to humiliate Superman and Batman.


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