Black Enchantress

    Character » Black Enchantress appears in 55 issues.

    Her real name is Andrea Avery-Crusoe. She's an evil little witch with elemental powers. Even though she's basically a villain, because she considers the world her oyster she often ends up on the side of the good guys, in opposition to other mystical threats.

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    Andrea Avery Crusoe a.k.a. Black Enchantress is a witch possessing mystical powers. She has the ability to control the four basic elements of nature: Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

    But Andrea is not a typical comic-book heroine. She is amoral, lacks a sense of responsibility and is more comfortable being a villainess.

    She does not want to help people but derives pleasure by seeing their pain. She doesn't even try to pretend that she is good.

    Andrea was born to parents, Dr. Arcane a.k.a. Clinton Avery and his extra-dimensional rival, the powerful sorceress Ch'andarra. Thus she inherited both of their powers. Andrea also has a niece named Donnah a.k.a. Lady Arcane.

    She first appeared in the Coriolis Effect.


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