Black Dwarf

    Character » Black Dwarf appears in 81 issues.

    Black Dwarf is one of Thanos' generals in the Black Order.

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    The massive stature and strength of Black Dwarf make him the wrecking ball of Thanos' lieutenants in the Black Order.

    Black Dwarf was sent to Wakanda as part of Thanos' invasion. However, his army was repelled by Wakandan technology and soldiers, and he himself eventually being defeated by Black Panther.

    This Nihilist Although he personality appears the most normal he is much more at peace with oblivion than the other followers of Thanos.

    Powers and Abilities

    Black Dwarf has Super Strength and Super Dense, unbreakable skin.

    Personal Data


    • Height: 6'6"
    • Weight: 2645 lbs
    • Eye Color: Yellow
    • Hair Color: None

    In Other Media


    Avengers Assemble
    Avengers Assemble
    • Black Dwarf appears in Avengers Assemble as a member of the Black Order.
    • Black Dwarf also appears in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, voiced by Jesse Burch.
    • Cull Obsidian appears in What If...? He appears as one of the Collector's enforcers in "What If... T'Challa Became a Star-Lord?" and is attacked and turned into a zombie in "What If... Zombies!?"


    Infinity War
    Infinity War
    • Black Dwarf (renamed Cull Obsidian) appears in Avengers: Infinity War, voiced and motion-captured by Terry Notary. Early on in the film, he and Ebony Maw attack Doctor Strange in New York, hoping to steal the sorcerer's Eye of Agamotto, which contains the Time Stone. The fight results in Wong teleporting Cull Obsidian to Antartica, and costs Cull Obsidian one of his arms. In the final act of the film, Cull Obsidian and the rest of the Black Order take part in the invasion of Wakanda, where the Avengers are keeping Vision, who has the Mind Stone embedded in his forehead. Cull Obsidian is ultimately killed by Bruce Banner, who uses the Hulkbuster armor to launch the alien into a massive Wakandan force field.

    Video Games

    Lego Marvel 2
    Lego Marvel 2
    • Black Dwarf appears as a boss in Marvel Avengers Alliance.
    • Black Dwarf appears as a playable character in Marvel Future Fight.
    • Cull Obsidian appears in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 as part of the "Infinity War" DLC pack.
    • Black Dwarf appears as a boss in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, voiced by Jesse Burch.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Black Dwarf appears in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Cull Obsidian is featured in the "Sanctum Sanctorum" Showdown Lego kit.
    • Cull Obsidian is featured in Funko's "Pop!" line of bobbleheads.
    • Iron Studios produced a statue of Cull Obsidian.
    • Cull Obsidian was the subject of a Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro. The figure could only be completed after purchasing all of the corresponding characters in the wave (Thor, Black Widow, Ant-Man, The Wasp, Malekith and Black Knight), each of which came packaged with one piece needed to construct Cull Obsidian.

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