Black Dragon

    Character » Black Dragon appears in 15 issues.

    Ex-girlfriend of Wolverine and leader of the triads in San Francisco's Chinatown.

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    The daughter of a shopkeeper, Lin was threatened to be taken to Lo Shang Cho, the Black Dragon, when her father couldn't pay the protection money. Wolverine prevented the taking of Lin, earning him her love and adoration. Wolverine helped unite all of Chinatown's schools, including Tiger school, the One-Armed Swordsmen, the Dim Mak Fighting Academy, the Five Fists of the Iron Monkey, and the (humorously named) Wu-Tang Boxing Society.

    When Logan refused to take the mantle of Black Dragon after defeating Lo Shang Cho, Lin was forced to take the mantle herself. The city needed a Black Dragon to keep the rival "tongs" in place. Without it she knew that the city would descend into chaos. She swore that she would kill Wolverine if he ever would return to Chinatown.


    Black Dragon is created by Jason Aaron and Stephen Segovia.

    Major Story Arcs

    Manifest Destiny

    Now, 50 years later, Logan is in San Francisco (because the X-Men had relocated to Utopia). Lin has grown so corrupt that none of the martial arts schools would stand against her. When word gets around that Wolverine has come back she sends her deadly Black Dragon Death Squad after him. This forces Logan to get back in touch with his martial arts skills. He eventually defeats the Black Dragon Death Squad and claims the title of Black Dragon sending a vengeful Lin into the sewers.


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