Black Death

    Character » Black Death appears in 11 issues.

    Mind-controlling mutant who became the carrier of an experimental biological weapon after being exposed to it.

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    Ivan Kivelki was a scientist working at a Russian research facility known as Rebirth Island, where they were developing a new biological weapon. Unfortunately, Ivan's superiors feared the growing threat that they felt mutants presented, and so they ended up exposing Ivan (who they knew was a mutant) to the new virus, which had been specifically engineered to a attack a mutant's genetic abnormalities. As it turned out however, Ivan's mutant nature allowed him to absorb the virus into his body and survive the ordeal, but it ended up making him a carrier of the virus as well. Using his mutant powers of mind-control, Ivan forced his fellow scientists to make a containment suit for him in order to keep the virus in check, and he took over the facility.


    Black Death was created by Joe Pruett, Brett Booth, and Jon Lim.

    Major Story Arcs

    A Plague Among Us

    When Darkstar came to Rebirth Island upon the request of some locals who'd reported strange occurences, Ivan (now known as Black Death) took control of her and forced her to find and bring Beast to him, who was currently in Moscow with some of his fellow X-Men. The X-Men where able to free Darkstar from Ivan's control however, and so they went to Rebirth Island in order to find out who was responsible. Once there, the X-Men battled some Mandroids that were also being developed in the facility. After easily defeating them, the X-Men finally meet Ivan, who told them of his predicament and how he wants Beast to develop a cure for his condition. In order to coerce him, Ivan took control of the rest of the X-Men and threatened to have them kill themselves, forcing Beast to work for the sake of his friends. While Beast was working, he tried calling out to Jean, who was eventually able to break free from Ivan's control, as well as free the others. Ivan started to battle the X-Men, but he ended being knocked out by a stun gun that Beast had actually been working on instead of a cure. Darkstar then took Ivan to Moscow in order to deliver him to the proper authorities, and so that they might possibly cure him.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ivan has a mutant power of suggestion that allows him to control a person's actions and tell them what to do. This can however be negated by a powerful enough telepath.

    After being exposed to the experimental virus, Ivan became a carrier of it and was forced to wear an exo-suit in order to keep it in check; without the suit, Ivan's body constantly emits the virus and can kill perhaps any living thing within his vicinity. Despite his initial survival of it, the virus still threatens to consume Ivan if left unchecked.


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