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    Black Crow is a Native-American warrior who carries the mantle of the Earth Spirit. This allows him superhuman as well as mystical abilities.

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    Jesse Black Crow was born a member of the Navajo, but sought out his fortune in New York City. Like many Native-Americans at the time in New York, Jesse became a scaffolding worker, unafraid of great heights One day, while working 20 stories up, scaffolding gave way and Jesse plunged to the ground. He survived the fall, but was paralyzed from the waist down. Jesse received a vision from the spirit of the Earth showing him the plight of the Native American people as he lay unconscious in the hospital. The Earth Spirit endowed him with mystical powers so that when needed, the spirit transformed Jesse into, Black Crow. As Black Crow Jesse re gained the use of his legs, was super-humanly strong and agile as well as possessing the ability to transform into a crow or even a bolt of lightning.

    The Earth spirit first sent Black Crow to challenge Captain America to a trial by combat because, as a symbol of modern America, his death would appease the spirit. After a dynamic battle, Captain America made a gesture of appeasement to the Earth spirit. This created a spiritual bond between the two American heroes.Some weeks later, Black Crow appeared at Captain America's bedside. The Captain had been poisoned by the Red Skull and was on the brink of death. In honor of their bond, Black Crow enhanced Captain America's will to live and the poison burned out of his system.

    Some time after that, Black Crow battled the malevolent Native American spirit, the Cat, in Yosemite National Park, but no clear victor emerged. The Cat’s influence had disrupted and provoked Hawkeye of the Avengers, who was in Yosemite for training. Black Crow insisted that he was chosen to defeat the Cat and warned Hawkeye not to interfere. At first, but it was not until they worked together that the Cat was vanquished. Some time later, Black Crow interceded into a conflict between Spider-Man and the Puma. He put Spider-Man and Puma through a mystical dream-time to resolve their differences, and then extracted Puma's knowledge of Spider-Man's secret identity.

    Black Crow would also go on to aid heroes such as Daredevil, Red Wolf and Doctor Strange. But finally Black Crow came full circle back to Steve Rogers. In his last known appearance, Black Crow appeared to Captain America telling him that he was going to die within 24 hours.

    Powers and Abilities

    Black Crow is a highly skilled shaman, who is a natural master of nature-based magic. Some of the primary magical abilities he has demonstrated include: shape shifting , element control, communing with animals and spirits, teleportation, and most notably his ability to heal the wounded. He has also been known to manifest limited psionic abilities including telepathy, mind control and astral projection.

    Black Crow also possesses superhuman strength, stamina and agility. He can lift/press roughly 7 tons, and has the ability to exert himself at his peak levels for several hours. He is a gifted unarmed combatant. He can mystically invoke various weather phenomenon such as fog and mist and has shape-shifting powers. His most regular forms are those of a crow or a bolt of lightning, but he has apparently also transformed himself into mist, and assumed the forms of Spider-Man, the Puma , as well as an actual puma, and a gigantic crow. He retains his human intelligence in any form, and can speak in animal form.

    Black Crow can also mystically transport himself and others into the other-dimensional land of the Anasazi of Native American myth.

    Black Crow has proven capable of communicating telepathically with Captain America, paralyzing a person through mystic hypnosis, and removing specific memories from a person's mind. He possesses mystic senses that are attuned to the spirits of mortal Native Americans and to their deities. He can sense the auras of other Native Americans and thereby learn their recent past.

    The Crow is also capable of creating visions and illusions in the minds of others, leading to speculation that some of the above-mentioned feats may have been illusions as well. He also uses "freezing mist" that can paralyze other people and blank their minds for brief periods of time


    He carries a spear, which he spins to perform certain mystic feats such as cleansing negative magical energies. He also carries an ordinary longbow, arrows, and knife. He wears a pouch containing mystic herbs he can employ for various purposes, involving his knowledge of mystic rituals.


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