Black Cobra

    Character » Black Cobra appears in 13 issues.

    FBI Agent Steve Drake fights crime as The Black Cobra along with his kid sidekick Cobra Kid.

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    FBI agent Steve Drake secretly fights crime as The Black Cobra along with his sidekick Cobra Kid during the Cold War.

    Antarctica Press

    Heroes At Large!

    The Black Cobra appears along side with four other non-powered, public domain superheroes (Catman, Kitten, Airboy, and Captain Jet) who were frozen from the 1940s as part of an unnamed government-sponsored superhero team in 2018. His handler and coordinator is White Hood as he helps him navigate the 21st century.

    Note: Starting out in Ajax-Farrell's short lived Black Cobra comic book series in 1954, there was another Black Cobra before Steve Drake. The Jim Hornsby Black Cobra made is first and only appearance in Dynamic Comics #1 in 1941 and later reappeared in Captain Flight Comics #8 in 1945. There is no core relation to either Black Cobras, nor any evidence suggesting that Steve Drake took up the mantle. Both Black Cobras in public domain.


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