Black Clover #23

    Black Clover » Black Clover #23 - As Pitch Black as It Gets released by Shueisha on January 4, 2020.

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    Proper Japanese Title: 真っ黒けっけ (Makkuroke kke)

    Chapter Titles

    • Page 218: The Worst of the Worst (最低最悪 Saitei Saiaku)
    • Page 219: As Pitch Black as It Gets (真っ黒けっけ Makkuroke kke)
    • Page 220: Visits (見舞い Mimai)
    • Page 221: The Blue Rose's Confession (碧薔薇の告白 Aobara no Kokuhaku)
    • Page 222: Just Between Us (ここだけの話 Kokodake no Hanashi)
    • Page 223: The Agrippa Family (アグリッパ家 Agurippa-ke)
    • Page 224: You Are Cursed (オマエは呪われている Omae wa Norowareteiru)
    • Page 225: The Heart Kingdom (ハート王国 Hāto Ōkoku)
    • Page 226: The Spirit Guardian's Magic (精霊守の魔法 Seirei no Kami no Mahō)
    • Page 227: The All-Knowing Priestess (全治の巫女 Zenchi no Miko)
    • Page 228: Arcane Stage Mages (冥域の魔法士 Meiiki no Madōshi)


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    Story Arcs

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