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    One of the earliest female costumed crimefighters in comics, Hollywood starlet Linda Turner donned a black cat costume to prey on the superstitions of her director after she suspected him of being a Nazi. She enjoyed herself so much that she decided to continue her crime-fighting career as the Black Cat.

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     Linda Turner as the Black Cat
    Linda Turner as the Black Cat

    Linda Turner was a Hollywood starlet and former stunt-woman in the early 1940's when she battled her director, whom she suspected of being a Nazi spy. Donning the sexy outfit of a black cat in order to prey on her opponent's superstitions and fears, she defeated his spy ring and enjoyed doing it so much she decided to continue her alternate career as a costumed super-heroine - the Black Cat. Her keen mental agility (learned from her father, a private detective) came in handy, along with her skills at judo, lariat handling, and motorcycle stunt-riding, all of which she employed in her battles against crime.


    Linda Turner as the Golden Age Black Cat was one of the earliest female costumed crime-fighters to appear in the comics, debuting in 1941 in Pocket Comics, 38 years before Marvel Comics introduced Felicia Hardy as their Black Cat. The Golden Age Black Cat was created by cartoonist Al Gabriele.

    Character Evolution

    The Black Cat's popularity grew during the years of World War II, and she made regular appearances in Speed Comics before eventually starring her own Black Cat Comics title, which ran 65 issues. But she faded out of comics in the late forties, except for occasional appearances in later years. In the Modern Age her character has experienced a revival of interest, with her classic appearances from the Golden Age being reprinted in various volumes.

    Powers And Abilities

    • Agility
    • Attractive Female
    • Intellect
    • Judo
    • Lariat Handling
    • Motorcycle Stunt Artist

    Popular Recognition

    The Black Cat (Linda Turner) was ranked 41st in Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.


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