Who is the superhero avatar for comicvine?

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The one that says I cry electrons when you are away or something like that when your about to login, and looks a lot like Black cat?

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I believe that she is G-Man's wife, G-Lady.


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We never did come up with a name for her.

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Sparda says:

"I believe that she is G-Man's wife, G-Lady.Right?"

Ha ha. You're the second person that's asked that in the past week.

Here's Fred Hembeck's version of her (along with myself).

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The explanation taken from Captain Cascader himself...

For Comic Vine I was smart enough to not try and do the logo myself. It along with a few power icons are the only objects that were not done by Ethan or I. You see I’m a designer, but I can’t draw for s#!t. We wanted the logo to be something you could put on a T-Shirt, something that had a little pizzaz and something that was frankly out of my skillsket. After doing a little research we decided to try out The Logo Factory and see if they could do it. Basically, they charge from 300-600 dollars to build out a logo. The $600 version we got is for illustrated designs as opposed to simple iconic or text heavy logos. To me, $600 wasn’t that huge of an investment and we figured, well, what the hell, even though we have no idea how this will come out, lets give it a shot and the worst case is that we loose $600 bucks and I’ll just do it myself with a simplier idea.

Apparently you get quite a lot for the price. After emailing with Laurie, a designer there, to give her an idea of what we wanted she came back in a week the folllowing quick sketches. If you ever decide to work with a logo designer I recommend being as specific as possible about what you want, even down to specific colors and styles. We told her we wanted a female character that was sexy and incorporated “vines” into her costume. I went so far as to say what hair style she should have and also described speicifically her proportions.

We liked the one on the right, but felt she needed more clothes, a mask of some sort and lost the weird gypsy tattoo stuff. Laurie came back to us with these.

Again, we liked the one on the right the best. It was simple, sleek and looked like a superhero. We next gave laurie some color ideas and gave Laurie the OK to move on to the next step.

Now we’re getting somewhere. We didn’t like the vine in the forground on the left, but we liked the colorscheme. We also asked to have the mouth turned from a bitchy look to a smiling one.

Here’s the final version. I switched up the colors a bit once Laurie sent over the Illustrator files, but it’s mostly as is how we got it from The Logo Factory. All told it took Laurie about 5 weeks from start to finish to get the job done. I’m sure they could have done it quicker, but we were’nt in a hurry and wanted to make sure it came out good.

there ya go, how the logo became what it is today...


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