'Black Cat' Spider-Man 4 News!

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And auditions seem to already be underway...

 Actress Romola Garai
 Actress Romola Garai
Recently, we reported that actress Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Wedding Crashers) was possibly in the running to play ' Black Cat' in the upcoming Spider-Man 4 film. It seems that the rumor of there being a 'Black Cat' in the next film has been (almost) officially confirmed. In a recent article in the Observer from this past Sunday, actress Romola Garai (Emma) indicated in her open editorial letter that she recently auditioned for a part in 'Spider-Man' 4, and that while she does not expect to get the part, she still knows she should try her best. 

"Love is at the root of everything good that has ever happened and will happen." This phrase swam into focus as I moved up the escalator at Oxford Circus tube on Tuesday morning on my way to put myself "on tape" for a part in Spider-Man 4. This is the acting equivalent of the London Marathon in that it's important to try your best as long as you understand that you aren't going to win.

 Based on her features, we can make an educated guess that Garai more than likely auditioned for the role of 'Black Cat.' To add more to the Spidey movie news is a report from HeyYouGuys, who indicated that they recently received some exclusive information concerning the upcoming film. According to a report from their site, there are several actresses in the running to play the role of Felicia Hardy, confirming that the character will make an appearance in the upcoming film. They also give a rough outline of the back-story that audiences can expect to see for Felicia. 

...There are a number of actresses currently being considered for the role, but this at least confirms that Hardy is going to be in the film.

We were also given a rough outline of the character’s story arc. Apparently she is the daughter of the new editor of The Daily Bugle, a man who is also referred to as ‘a viper’ (more on this in a second). She falls in love with Peter Parker, and uncovers his true identity. Her father then dies, and Hardy becomes a threat to Peter Parker (presumably as The Black Cat).

  While this does not exactly follow comic book legend, at least we will see her appear in the upcoming film, right? What do you think? Who do you want to see play 'Black Cat'? Do you think that her back story for the film would work, or do you want to see them use her original story?
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She has very beautiful eyes.

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I would prefer her orginal back story.  Do I think the new would work?  Sure. But as we the fans think time and time again it be nice if for once something could stay true to the orginal.  But I'd still enjoy it no matter the changes.. I think..
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I think this could work.

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They pretty much abandoned the characters from movie one really. The Mary Jane in the movies is more of an amalgam of both Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane. They took the free living party girl and made her into the girl next door, actress wanna be.
Though this has got to be a new low. Making Felecia's father the new editor of the Bugle. If they really wanted to go with the angle of having Black Cat as a threat, why not go with something closer to the comics. Perhaps she blames Spider-man for her father's incarceration. Who wants to put money down that they are going to try and make Black Cat super powered in this movie?
Though, I'm getting more of a Batman 2 vibe off of this. I just seriously wonder if the studios have the guts to have Spider-man's opponent be a woman that he might have to come to blows with. There will more then likely be a more dangerous foe. Black Cat will complicate matters, but in the end she will see the "error of her ways" and help Spidey take down the foe. Possibly sacrificing herself in the process. Just so this movie can end with Peter all emo.

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I don't want anyone to play the Black Cat.  I don't want the Black Cat in the movie.  Stuuuuuupid
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Billie Piper as Black Cat

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Eh not feeling the change in her origin story...and she's cute but I don't see her as Black Cat. If they don't get Rachel McAdams they should try for Elisha Cuthbert.

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.  This is interesting but still not 100% verified, is it?  Romola Garai, wow, she is quite stunning.  
My guess all along  Black Cat was going to pop up but its possible this particular info is not correct, we will have to wait and see exactly what the story entails.  Why would they even release any details about a possible plot or story line?  The studio may release tidbits about whom may be cast, or who they are thinking of using,  but regarding story details I question any "news".  
I  really don't believe any "news" about the plot or story that gets leaked.
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I couldn't care less if they change her back story, but i agree that it could be just as easy if she blames spider-man for her fathers incarseration, but meh, im sure this way helps the story more. lizard im assuming is the main badguy, and black cat most likely starts off as a badguy then joins spiderman to help him fight. I hope they dont kill her off, remeber they are making two more after this one.
I'm still hoping for Kraven to be in it, but if thats the case then im scared there will be to many baddies in it.

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I want to see Black Cat in the new movie, but I am not crazy on this new origin. Although I am surprised Felicia hadn't already made an appearance, even if it was just as Felicia. I think they should just stick with the original origin. I also think she needs to be a minor villain for the movie. That way you don't have the big bad woman turn good at the end. That's so over played in movies, I mean you had Sandman and Doc Oc do the same thing and Harry to a lesser extent. I half expected Venom to be Spidey's friend by the end of the fourth movie. I think Mysterio would be a good big bad for the fourth movie. He could do something to Hardy and make it appear that it was Spiderman and there you go you got your revenge plot, but again that's overplayed too. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

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Wow, that proposed plot sounds awful.

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She sounds kinda hard on herself.

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Melissa George! <3

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   If thier really going to have her in this movie then just introduce her as Felicia Hardy and wait until the next movie for her transformation into Black Cat. They can kick needy MJ to the curb and bring in Felicia as Peter's new less-screen time wasting girlfriend. Wait till Spiderman 5 and get her orgin right and give her powers. Spidey needs allies that can come back and help him if Rami is still going to try to have the Sinister Six in the last movie. Another thing with the plot above, where is JJ Jameson in this if he not the editer of the Bugle? No JJ would suck!   Oh, and Mysterio is a lame Spiderman villain and should never be in the movie franchise, leave him for the cartoons.

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Can't we just make Black Cat be his sidekick and not a villain?

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@AngelFrost said:
"Melissa George! <3


Hawt stuff!
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The new editor? As in A new editor, not the new editor-in-chief to replace Robbie or JJJ (I forget which is which position in the movie)?
Also, can't say I like that idea. It doesn't make any sense, nor do I see a reason to change the back story. Her dad was a criminal, so she's one until Spidey reforms her. It's not that complicated or require any real setup.

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Everybody is going on and on about the back stories of Marvel movie characters blah blah blah.  
Although what Niko just said rings some bells in my ears. I love me some JJJ, and I feel like if J.K Simmons doesn't want to do the movie they shouldn't really do much with the Daily Bugle. If its Robbie I can live with it, though I would prefer if the actor was still in it someway for a brief cameo appearance, that way it just doesn't feel like they replaced the actor cause they couldn't book him and just tossed this guy in here instead (Though we all don't get our wishes) 
The fact that I'm glad they aren't keeping Felcia's original origins story is that if they spent the time doing that they should have thought about keeping other story lines pure to 616. Not going to mention any but I'm sure you can think of some, even in other Marvel movies. 
Which brings me to my next point. "Garsh, I hate Ultimate Spider-Man because it doesn't stick to the real origins story of Peter Parker, Mary-Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, Norman Osborne etc." Why does that sound stupid? I shouldn't be asking that I'm sure you know why that sounds stupid. I feel like most people don't realize that no movie is going to be a perfect film adaption to what they're basing it off of, there are a lot of things to consider why they do the things they do and I don't generally want to think of them because I feel like Ultimate Spider-Man and the Ultimate Universe in general (And of course all of the other expansive universes), these movies are just another universe of Marvel. Course it ain't going to be like 616, its a different universe. Felicia Hardy has a different origins story, well lets see how good it is in comparison and take it as is instead of trying to compare it to something that it can't be nor will ever be. A perfect film adaption.  
Cause :P Hollywood is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good at making those amirite? <---Sarcasm 
I'm still hating on Fox for Baraka-Pool  

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@Vortex13: Agreed
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I can live with that back story, sounds workable to me.

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@Bobby Drake:
We don't expect everybody's orgin to be perfect, time and plot restrants do not always allow for full or actual back storys, but we can only ask for them to try. I am not a fan of the ultimate universe either, but changing an orgin because you don't want movie goers to have to think to hard and creating another universe because your characters are becoming repetitive and written into corners are two different thing
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More Melissa George  ;) 
 I think she'd be perfect for the role, she's athletic, has lovely skin and gorgeous blonde hair, a brilliant actress and extremely beautiful. Theres also something very femanine and feline about her.

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@AngelFrost said:
" Melissa George! <3

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Sounds good so far.

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chick looks dead

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Hooray! Black Cat!

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@AngelFrost said:
"Melissa George! <3


Melissa is a hottie that's for sure. But I think I would have to go with Elisha Cuthbert :) 
Wow her eyes are just stunning. Definitely has cat like eyes that's for sure 
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sounds interesting, i prefer the original black cat story but this might work we will just have to see
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I think Romola Garai is a good choice, but I'm very much against changing her story. 

I hope Felicia will fall in love with Spider-Man, not Peter (as written above), that's a big part of their story in the comic. I would prefer if they didn't know each other, I don't like the idea of concentrating Peter's potential girlfriends at his work. The Black Cat is wild, spontaneous. We shouldn't know too much about her. I think it would be more exciting (for us) if he accidently bumped into her on the street or something.

I wish they would quit changing the characters' stories. It started with Mary Jane, continued with Sandman .... haven't they learned their lesson?

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I don`t understand why they allways want to make a different back story in the movies . I think her original back story would work better . what about her as black cat ?

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Tricia Helfer
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@TheMess1428 said:

Can't we just make Black Cat be his sidekick and not a villain?


we will have to what and see, plus i think they should do that anyway.
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how do i read comics online?

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diora baird should get the part. she has the "BOOBS" for it.

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