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Concluding the 4-issue miniseries with a bang! The League of Assassins makes their move to kidnap Black Canary's young charge, Sin... only to have Green Arrow thwart their plan in a way that devastates Dinah — and may affect her response to Oliver's proposal.

Plot synopsis - spoilers ahead

At Star City Harbor, Black Canary questions Green Arrow on what he has done. One of henchmen answer that for him, saying that he has destroyed the future of the League of Assassins. Black Canary, angered by this uses her Canary Cry in a rage, pushing everyone back.

At Star City Docks, Merlyn stops at a boat with two police officers guarding it. He shoots the both of them and steals the boat.

Black Canary takes down the henchmen when Merlyn finds Sin's shirt floating in the water. Green Arrow tells Mia to find Connor, and Green Arrow readies an arrow, when he finds a black arrow positioned where his own arrow was on the bow. Merlyn asks the henchmen what happened to Sin, when one of them says that they didn't kill her. Merlyn kills him, calling him a liar when the others tell Merlyn that he wasn't lying at all. Merlyn then points his bow and arrow towards Green Arrow when Black Canary flies in, kicking Merlyn. Black Canary snaps Merlyn's bow, and he uses the string from the bow to strangle Black Canary. Merlyn continues to strangle Black Canary, but finds it isn't working. The string eventually snaps and breaks Merlyn's forearms by a karate chop. Green Arrow tells Black Canary to calm down and tells her that Merlyn won't be able to suffer if he's dead.

Later, at Black Canary's house, she has it all packed up and looks at the wedding ring and throws it away. Green Arrow comes in and tells Merlyn he's in jail for life after he killed the two officers. Black Canary doesn't care and tells him to get out, but not before reading a letter... from Sin! In the letter, Black Canary reads that her death was faked. The shirt she saw floating in the sea was just another shirt of hers that was ripped up. She ended up swinging into the porthole of the ship and escaping there, where she met Connor at a building, where she has a new teacher now. Black Canary cries and shows Ollie the wedding ring. She tells him that he had been selfish about himself, and had hurt her in the process, but as for the wedding proposal... she accepts.



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