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The League of Assassins makes their move to kidnap Black Canary's young charge, Sin... only to have Green Arrow thwart their plan in a way that devastates Dinah — and may affect her response to Oliver's proposal. Dinah is out for vengeance.

Plot synopsis - spoilers ahead

The issue opens with the police officers telling Black Canary that her that Sin is missing, and tell her that Green Arrow had taken her. Green Arrow tells Black Canary to call Oracle and use her help, but Black Canary tells him to back off, and Black Canary speeds off on her motorcycle. A police officer asks if Sin is Black Canary's daughter, and Speedy says that she's adopted. The police officer then asks if the person who kidnapped Sin could be her birth parent. Green Arrow says they're not, but it certainly does look like they're trying to take Sin back to their custody. Green Arrow then tells Speedy they should check international charter flights and anything at the harbour that's heading for south-east Asia. Green Arrow plans that to get the assassins off Sin's back, they will have to do something long-term - which will mean breaking Dinah's heart again.

At night, Black Canary climbs up to Craig's apartment to find him having trouble with locating his passport. Black Canary speaks up and holds a bomb which she discovered under his car. Black Canary interrogates him, wanting a name. Craig tells her that he can't, as that will end up with him being killed. Black Canary asks who that "he" is and it snaps to the docks, with someone calling out "Merlyn!" At the docks, Merlyn is holding Sin when he realises that his pager is beeping. He sees Craig at his office and wonders why Craig is still alive. Merlyn appears at his office with an arrow pointed towards Craig and asks him why he isn't dead yet. Craig confesses that she would have killed him if she didn't go along with her plan, and Merlyn realises that Black Canary is the room with him. Black Canary shows herself, and Merlyn shoots arrows towards her, but she easily catches them between her hands. Black Canary kicks him down and he defends himself with one of Green Arrow's arrows, threatening her, saying that it's an arrow that will nuke her. Black Canary tells him that it's a geiger counter arrow kicks him out of the window while she holds one arrow in her hand, which releases a parachute. She threatens him to tell her where Sin is, and he says that he's bluffing when Black Canary drops him. He crashes through a skylight and falls into a pool. Black Canary asks if Green Arrow and Speedy have had any luck finding Sin, and they tell her that they find a ship that's making its way to Hong Kong.

On the ship, Sin is struggling to get out when the doors flies open with Speedy standing in the door way. Speedy tells her that Sin will have to follow her instructions to escape...

Black Canary is chasing down Merlyn and Oracle tells her that they've found the ship Sin's on. To get to her, she'll have to take the Star Bridge, meaning she'll have to let go of Merlyn. Black Canary makes her way to the Star Bridge. Green Arrow is trying to take down some of Merlyn's henchmen when Black Canary rides off the bridge and steers her motorcycle towards the henchmen, with the motorcycle exploding. Speedy is letting Sin onto an escape boat when she tells Sin to hurry up if they want this plan to work. Green Arrow aims for the rope holding the escape boat and it falls, dropping the escape boat down to water and it breaks apart, with Sin's shirt floating amongst the broken boat.



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