Black Archer

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    Expert Archer Who Uses Trick Arrows

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    After being sent out to find a story, Clumsy TV reporter Clem Macey fell through a skylight into a strange building filled with Archery paraphernalia, he was then approached by a creepy old man.

    The old man pointed out Clem's resemblance to a painting of a man known as "The Black Archer" and led him to a machine which instilled Clem with the spirit, and all the abilities of this legendary character.

    Clem decided to use his new found abilities to fight crime.


    The Black Archer first appeared in Tiger, his first appearance being in the 1966 July issue.

    Major Story Arcs

    Vs The Axe-Man

    The Black Archer's first real adventure saw him trying to defeat The Axe-Man, a local gangster who was in the process of taking over as crime boss of the Black Archer's City.

    During this arc Black Archer met the small-time crooks Chango and Katt, who would later (partially) reform and help and accompany Black Archer on many of his later adventures.

    War in Heaven

    After a long hiatus the Black Archer was brought back for 2000AD's Zenith storyline "War in Heaven" a story in which heroes were recruited from many different dimensions to help fight against the evil Lloigar race, a race of creatures which were killing and possessing Superheroes.

    Black Archer was one of the few survivors at the end of the storyline.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Black Archer is an expert archer, he uses many different trick arrows with a range of effects, such as tying up criminals, smoke and gas bombs, or as a grappling hook.

    Outside of his archery abilities Black Archer can also glide, and has respectable fighting ability.

    When in extreme danger he can call forth "The Black Wind of Fate" which surrounds him in a whirlwind.


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