Black Adam: The Dark Age #4

    Black Adam: The Dark Age » Black Adam: The Dark Age #4 released by DC Comics on January 2008.

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    The Book starts with Black Adam dreaming that friend and foe begin to cut off his body parts. Dr. Sivana, Shazam, Osiris, and Isis all take a leg or an arm. It then pans to a mixture of the Justice league and Justice Society as well as the mention holding up his body parts and saying “it’s done”

    The setting changes from the dream to the bloody outside. Black Adam it laying with a wound on his side and bleeding out. A couple of men standing with guns trained on him. The waking Adam whispers the magic word. “Isis” The two take off running and of course discharging their weapons into Black Adam. Unaffected by the bullets Black Adam speeds forward and cuts the two men in half before leaving the area. In a far off room it shows that Atom Smasher has his wife’s finger and her wedding ring.

    Black Adam lands in Taholah Washington at an animal hospital. There he is nursed back to health. During the black out of the operation. They go to Felix Faust who speaks of Black Adam changing things with what he is doing speaking to the body of Isis. They also show a military man who is in charge of the people hunting Black Adam, they are not happy at the lack of success that has befallen them. At the hospital, the female doctor explains that she would not risk the life of her family and friends or town knowing the history of Black Adam. They then ask him to leave given him some clothes and sending him off. As Adam searches for the magic word while leaving in his rear view mirror he sends the group attacking the hospital.

    Black Adam changes again and holds up two of the attackers breaking their spine. Another one has his arm ripped off and himself shoved into the roof. Taking the last two up into the air he demands that they tell him what is going on. They refuse and he calls magic lightning down to kill one of them. The other being is afraid and tells him of the use of uranium bullets so that the organization can track him. Black Adam then ascends upwards toward space.

    At the hospital the two doctors that had been saved by Black Adam tell the Justice League that he saved them. In the Brownstone headquarters of the Justice Society Mister Terrific watches a monitor as Black Adam goes up toward the satellite. As Black Adam goes up the man still with him turns to ice and shatters as Black Adam talks to the Justice Society of America. “Consider your tracking abilities of me to be temporarily suspended. Black Adam out.” This is the end of Book 4 of 6.


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