Black Abbott

    Character » Black Abbott appears in 15 issues.

    A monk of Dakoth-Kuru, who took control of all his brotherhood.

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    Brief History

    Black Abbott was one of the Monks of Dakoth-Kuru, a sect that had managed to use their teachings to unlock the full potential of their minds, giving them incredible mental powers.  One, however, had more powers, the ability to control the twelve others and use them to act as "limbs" of his.  Taking control of the entire brotherhood, the Black Abbott sought ultimate power.

    One of The Black Apostle posing as him hired the Taskmaster to gather a large number of local gang members together to be trained to work with him.  Unfortunately for the Abbott, they were disrupted by Nomad and Spider-Man, who were chasing a thief.  Taskmaster easily captured Nomad, while the false Abbott waited for Spider-Man to get within range, then blasted him with a psychic bolt, knocking him unconscious.  When one of the gang members decided that he wanted no part of something involving super-heroes, the Apostle attempted to mentally change his mind, but failing, opted to reduce the man to ash instead.  Just as he was about to do the same to Spider-Man, a groggy Nomad grabbed Taskmaster's shield and threw it between them.  The backlash caused the Black Apostle to burn his own hand off.  With the heroes fighting off the gang members, the Abbott retreated to tend to his wound.

    After one of the Abbott's underlings broke his mental control, he sought to escape in one of the Abbott's jet-crafts, but was pursued above the streets of New York by those still loyal to him.  The man was rescued and taken to the hospital by the Human Torch.  The same Apostle who confronted Spider-Man and Nomad took on the guise of the elderly Mr. Abbott, and visited Peter Parker, hoping to use his mind-powers to take control of Parker and force him to work on the Abbott's super weapons.  When he mentioned that Parker's former friend Steve Hopkins recommended him, Parker played along to find out what happened to Steve.  Meanwhile, the Torch had gained information from the man he saved and headed to the Abbott's headquarters, where Parker had just arrived and began to search the place.  After the Torch was captured, Spider-Man managed to break the Abbott's brainwashing on the hero.  The two heroes confronted the man they believed to be the Black Abbott, but were surprised to find two of him , both of whom unleashed a psychic attack on Spider-Man.  One left to escape, but the one-armed Apostle stayed behind, only to be knocked out and captured.  Miles away, the true Black Abbott plotted revenge.

    Spider-Man visited the hospital where the man he believed to be the Black Abbott was being held, arriving just before two of the Abbott's ships arrived to kill the Apostle.  This attracted the attention of Thor, and the two heroes fought off the minions.  The one-armed man awoke and begged for help, explaining that he'd been freed from the Abbott's control during his previous fight with Spider-Man and that the true Black Abbott was still out there.  The Black Abbott recalled his Apostles, except for two still in the Middle East, and managed to take control of the armless Apostle again.  Thor, believing the man was still under free will, took him to the seminary where the Abbott was based.  Thor was attacked by the Apostles, including the one that he had brought with him.  The Abbott, seeing Thor, decided he could become a god on earth if he could possess Thor.  However, he was rescued by Spider-Man, and Thor made a storm that knocked all of the Apostles out.  Mentally shocked by the backlash, the Abbott made his escape.

    The Red Skull's Scourge of the Underworld reported to his leader that the Black Abbott was among his successful kills.

    Ressurection by the Hood

    Black Abbott was one of the seventeen supervillains killed by the Scourge who was resurrected by the Hood  to kill the Punisher.  He fought the Punisher while posing as one of the Avengers.  He is badly injured by a bomb used by the Punisher in attempt to kill the villains present.  Bird-Man is ordered by Letha to take the injured Black Abbott to safety. Whether Black Abbot is still alive remains to be seen since the Hood had to cast a magic spell to endure the ressurected villains to stay in the land of the living and would only do so if they where succesfull in killing the Punisher.

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