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    The Bizarro World version of Supergirl. She is a twisted, doppelganger version of Supergirl. She is incredibly dangerous, scary, unpredictable and is wildly emotional, doesn't know her own strength, and is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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    Silver Age

    The first Bizarro Supergirl was a duplicate of Supergirl, created by Bizarro Jr. using the "duplicating machine". He had been transformed into Bizarro form by Supergirl's chemistry project that went awry. He then flew to The Fortress of Solitude and tinkered with the duplication ray and hits Supergirl in the process. Superman then appears moments later, and discovers what's unfolded. Superman then orders Bizarro Supergirl to take Bizarro Jr. and return to their home planet of Htrae. Bizarro Supergirl however disobeys his command and instead decides to stay and keep Bizarro Jr. on Earth with her.

    However In the Fortress of Bizarro, Bizarro sees that his son has forgotten who is real parents are, after he sent him to Earth and so he decides wants to retrieve his son. Bizarro declares war over Earth with Htrae, and ventures home to prepare his army of Bizarro to attack Earth. Superman however invents Blue Kryptonite with the use of the "duplicating machine" to stop Bizarro's impending army from destroying Earth. As Superman returns from his space excursion he brings back just enough Blue Kryptonite to get the baby away from Bizarro Supergirl. Superman and Supergirl return baby Bizarro Jr. to his rightful parents Bizarro and Bizarro Lois Lane and all is well. As they make their way back to Earth, they abruptly stumble upon Bizarro Supergirl's dead body. She had been killed by the very Blue Kryptonite Superman had originally created, while laying in wait to ambush Superman and Supergirl on their way back home.

    Modern Age

    Bizarrogirl's ship crashes in Metropolis, much like her normal counterpart's crashed in Gotham City. When Doctor Light and Gangbuster investigate the crash site they're taken hostage, Bizarrogirl then proceeds to go on a rampage throughout downtown Metropolis "collecting" more guests for her twisted welcome to earth party.

    Six Weeks ago previous to her arrival on earth, Bizarro World had something horrible happen to it, cities laid in ruin, the planet itself seemed to be experiencing some sort of cataclysmic event. Bizarro Lois and Jimmy went to see Bizarro #1, only to find him setting up a rocket. Bizarro Lois begins yelling at him and destroys the controls, launching Bizarrogirl into space. When he tries to go after her, Lois stops him saying they need him to fight the Godship. Bizarrogirl who was bound and gagged inside the ship for the duration of her journey to Earth.


    Created in 1959 by Otto Binder and Curt Swan.

    Major Story Arcs


    No Quarter Given/ Best Medicine

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    The next Bizarro Supergirl was created by a stolen sample of Supergirl's (Linda) blood, Two-Face and Buzz forced the kidnapped Doctor Max Tuefeld to create an imperfect clone of Supergirl. Two-Face and Buzz then use the twisted clone "Bizarro Supergirl" to dispatch regular Supergirl from meddling in their plans. Just as Bizarro Supergirl is about to deliver a final blow on her regular counterpart, Batgirl comes to her rescue in the nick of time. Bizarro Supergirl is electrocuted in the struggle and is freed from Two-Face's control.

    Meanwhile, Buzz and Two-Face have been infected by the Joker's laughing venom and cause havoc by throwing their illegally-earned money away in the streets. Batgirl takes out Two-Face, Supergirl takes on her other self once again, and after setting her evil doppelganger a blaze it retreats, and then Supergirl decides to reconcile with Buzz, who is weeping due to the odd effects of the Joker venom in his system.

    Rhyme and Reason

    Bizarro Supergirl tracks down Mattie Harcourt and Cutter Sharp and tries to be their friend but scares them away.

    Double Identity

    Bizarro Supergirl meets Linda's parents and thinks their her own. She tries to touch Sylvia Danvers' pregnant belly but Fred Danvers stops her. This angers Bizarro Supergirl who sets fire to the Danver's house. Then when it looks like Bizarro Supergirl might hurt the Danvers, Comet swoops in and saves them.

    Cashing in Chips

    While Bizarro Supergirl battle comet, Blithe shows up and challenges the fact that Bizarro Supergirl is an Earth Angel, because she doesn't have wing. Bizarro Supergirl proves her wrong by sprouting wings. Bizarro Supergirl then gets sucked into a worm hole and when she reappears in thee presence of the captured Earthbound Angel in the Garden of Eden.

    Pyramid Schemes/ Spiders and Snakes

    While in the Garden of Eden, Bizarro Supergirl meets the Demon Mother, who explains to Bizarro Supergirl that she can try to play catch with the Earthbound Angel, but she must never touch it. Demon Mother then explains to Bizarro Supergirl that Linda Danvers will be along shortly, and that Demon Mother is using Linda as a chaos battery.

    Bizarro Supergirl, gets bored listening to Demon Mother and touches the Earthbound Angel's cage, and gets shocked. A fireball from the Earthbound Angel's eyes flies out and goes into Bizarro Supergirl's eyes. This causes Bizarro Supergirl to fall to the ground. Instead of being mad the Demon Mother understands Bizarro Supergirl's actions. She then tells the hurting Bizarro Supergirl, Linda will be along very soon.

    Up in till issue #74 were she is killed be the "Demon Mother" Lilith's henchmen Hurmizah via the Black Plague.

    Personal data


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    Bizarrogirl looks like the opposite of Supergirl as well, her face generally being grey or chalky white, features often angular, and hair often disheveled. Bizarrogirl's costume is also a variation on Superman's as the S on his chest will be backwards as if in a mirror, and as of recently her costume is more reminiscent of the "Silver Age" version of Supergirl's. Yet it's much more tattered and dingy in comparison to it's vibrant colorful counterpart.

    Powers and Abilities

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    Despite being able to match Supergirl's strength punch for punch, the rest of Bizarrogirl's superpowers are, in other respects, the complete opposite of Supergirl's. Instead of heat vision, Bizarrogirls's red-irised, black-tinged eyes emit freezing beams of ice and her x-ray vision doesn't really see through anything, but it instead solidifies it. And where Supergirl can compress her breath into concentrated gusts of cold air, Bizarrogirl belches forth gouts of flame.


    Bizarro's are known for their very distinct way of speaking. The logic of their speech is typically inverted both grammatically as well as in word selection. First, Verbs and adjectives are backwards. When a Bizarro says the word "perfect" he almost invariably means "imperfect". "Slow" would actually mean "fast" or "quick", the meanings of "help"/"save" and "harm"/"kill" would be reversed, and so forth. Their known for using the wrong pronoun as the subject of a verb. Rather than saying "I hate you" a Bizarro would say "Me like you". Also, Bizarro's uses only the first person conjugation of his verbs. Rather than saying "I am great" they might say "Me is terrible". Bizarro's also doesn't typically use contractions to negate verbs, and instead uses no before the verb. An example of this would be saying "Me no" rather than "I don't".

    Because the nature of the various grammatical errors that make up the modern Bizarro's speech, and the unpredictable nature of which these errors will occur together, a Bizarro's speech patterns are often difficult to follow, particularly when they're trying to expressing more than one thought at a time.

    In Other Media

    Supergirl (2016)

    Bizarro Supergirl appears in season 1 of Supergirl.

    Bizarro in this continuity is a combination of a near-dead Jane Doe who is infused with of Supergirl's genetic material. She is given life by Maxwell Lord, because he wants Supergirl to be killed and replaced. She speaks similarly to a Bizarro; she does not speak in backwards language, but she speaks as if she is a stereotypical neanderthal. She has backwards powers, like heat breath instead of freeze breath. The first appearance of Bizarro on Supergirl is also the first appearance of blue kryptonite.

    Bizarro is played by Hope Lauren.


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